Flipkart Kills “Ping” Option in App

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Flipkart gets over 70% orders from the app. A year ago, it launched “Ping” option for chatting and sharing with friends directly from the app. Flipkart is killing its feature now and may introduce a new “Ping” where a customer can chat with the seller or with customer care representatives.

Three big changes in Flipkart App-

  1. Canecllation of “Ping” feature
  2. Pull out of “image search” feature
  3. Implementation of new “Chat with seller” option.


Why Flipkart Pull the “Ping” option out

Flipkart decided to cancel the feature of “Ping.” Do you why??

According to the company, users don’t feel interests to share the products. That’s why thecompany decided to pull put the feature from its app.

Flipkart Kills

Flipkart is bringing something new- Chat with seller or customer care

Flipkart is looking for a new feature that will bring the options of chatting with customer care persons or sellers. Apart from this. Flipkart has cancelled the feature of “image search”. It was introduced to get an app only e-commerce.

Another ecoomerce company Snapdeal has a similar feature that allows users to chat with small sclae retailers directly from the app. It’s called “Shopo”.

Flipkart is planning something like that but many sellers in Flipkart marketplace are continuously threating to leave due to the new return and shipping policy. Meanwhile Flipkart changes its commission structure and increases percentage.

Now it’s time too see how much success it can get by increasing cost to the sellers and by implementing direct “chat with sellers” features where Flipkart simply want to avoid the misinterpretations of the company’s customer care. Flipkart is in desparate mood to get its ex-executives back in the board.

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