First Man in UK to become pregnant gives birth to a baby girl

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First Man in UK to become pregnant gives birth to a baby girl

A 21-year old man, Hayden Cross, in Britain gave birth to a baby girl at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Cross named his daughter Trinity-Leigh. Cross was born a girl 21 years ago by the name Paige and he announced that he has been living legally as a man for over three years and has already been undergoing hormone treatment to change his gender from a female to a male.

Hayden Cross had the transition paused when the UK’s state-funded National Health Service refused to cryopreserve his eggs just in case he wished to have children in the future. With the birth of Trinity-Leigh, Hayden Cross wishes to resume the transition and change his gender to a fully-fledged male as soon as possible.

Hayden Cross had made headlines all around the world when he declared that he had found a sperm donor and was pregnant. He became UK’s first man to become pregnant and now became the first man in the UK to give birth to a child.

Cross worked for Asda and in a clothing store and left his job when he became pregnant and hopes to find another job once his baby girl turns one year old.

The process to freeze Hayden’s eggs would have cost around £4,000 and his total transition from a female to a male would cost upwards of £30,000. Hayden Cross got the sperm online from a Facebook group for free. The group has now been deactivated.

Thomas Beatie became the first man in the world to become pregnant. He is from the United States of America and became pregnant in 2008. He was born a woman and is now a renowned public speaker, author, and advocate of transgender. He got a partial sex change, keeping his womb and chose to become pregnant because his wife was infertile and he got pregnant though cytogenetically preserved sperm. A documentary about the final weeks of his pregnancy and conceiving of Susan, by the name ‘Pregnant Man’, is still screened worldwide.

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