First look at Karan Johar’s twins

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Karan Johar

Karan Johar was in the news recently for his quip at Kangana Ranaut and the whole debate of nepotism. He made the headlines again when he posted a picture of his twins on Instagram. That was the first time that Karan Johar posted a picture of his twins and he has done a pretty good job at sheltering them from the press. The actor-director-producer was in New York for the IIFA awards and was away from his babies and he missed them terribly.

The actor-director-producer-screenwriter-costume designer became the father of the two babies in March 2017 through surrogacy. Since then he has posted quite a few pictures of the hospital visits and their nursery but never of the babies themselves.

I miss my babies!!!! #roohiandyash

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This was the first time that he posted a picture showing the hands of the two babies and Karan Johar himself. The picture was captioned, ‘I miss my babies!!!! #roohiandyash’. The boy baby was named Yash after Karan Johar’s father and Roohi’s name when rearranged, forms Hiroo, the name of Karan’s mother. Karan Johar has played many roles in his entire life, an actor, a director, a son and a producer, but the most important role he would ever play is that of a father, and he has indeed worked very hard to give them everything they would need.

Karan Johar has been the darling boy of Bollywood but has recently received quite some heat for his quips at nepotism and Kangana. Although he has apologized for the ill-made joke, some impression seems to have cemented itself in the minds of the public. There were a lot many comments on the picture about the joke and how Karan seems to have lost his charm and way to go about doing things. Some fans felt heart-broken on Karan’s attitude towards nepotism. One of the users went as far as to accuse Karan of dissing women worldwide.

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