Final Fantasy 7 Remake news and Updates: Gameplay Clip Shows New System of Battle

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Final Fantasy 7

It has been quite a while that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is in the news. In fact, it’s since 2015 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) that fans have been speculating that the game will come out on the market in 2017. Also, 2017 is going to be the 20th anniversary of the game Final Fantasy 7. So it’s quite obvious that fans will speculate a lot of things regarding the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake speculations have revealed the fact that the game might just not be released in 2017. This speculation will come as a disappointment for the fans who have been expecting a release of the game in 2017. And the maker of the game Square Enix has told that news regarding the release date will be updated in future.

Besides the rumour regarding the release dates, there is also news that there will be a new system of battle in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Brand Manager Shinji Hashimoto claimed that hard work has been going on at the moment but urged the fans to be patient for concrete news to come in regarding the release of the game as well as the updates. Regarding the gameplay, it is supposed that the new action-heavy system might not allow the players to play using more than one character. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake teaser has shown that as well as it is observed that the players have been using two characters Barrett and Cloud alternatively.

Tetsuya Nomura spoke to 4Gamer regarding all the speculations surrounding Final Fantasy Remake 7, and he has been quoted saying, “Actually, we’ve had plans for a remake on several occasions. Up until now, it’s been a cycle of having plans come and go, but this time, we’ve finally decided ‘let’s do it.” When asked about how the the process of the remake came into being he answered, “To put it simply, one of the main reasons is the timing for the staff members that are developing the game, and how it worked out in our favour. Also, as we’ve seen, Square Enix now has more PlayStation 4 titles, so we felt that we could increase the console’s popularity, and make an announcement before those games release. And there’s one more thing—we’re hitting that age.”

Also, there is news that the gamers will be getting the characters of Vincent Valentine, Cid Highwind, Tifa Lockheart, and Aerith Gainsborough back and also the teaser has shown that the visuals have been upgraded. Hints are also there that there might be some changes in the gameplay as well, as Ecumenical reports.

Hence as it stands now, it is confirmed by the maker Square Enix that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will come up in the market. However, the dates of the release have not been revealed. And the previously supposed release dates might not turn out to be true. The fans might just have to wait for more than just a year for Final Fantasy 7 Remake to release.

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