‘Fever’ (2016) 1st Day (Friday) Worldwide Box Office Collection

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‘Fever’ (2016)

Fever First Day Box Office Collection:The most highlighted movie Fever is releasing today in the theater.It is an Indian suspense thriller which is created a buzz for few days. The poster of the movie looks quite attractive where Gauhar Khan and Rajeev Khandelwal is with two supporting roles. Fever is directed by Rajeev Jhaveri, the so known and very talented person of the Bollywood film industry. He had done more of the amazing films for the Bollywood film industry and had given more of the hits on the box office. The film has been produced by Ravi Agrawal under the banner of Niche Film Farm. The film Fever is touted as a suspense thriller which is too bold to handle.

Fever (2016) 1st Day Domestic Box Office Collection

A man (Rajeev Khandelwal) wakes up in the hospital with the fragmentary memory of his past life. All he knows is that what his name is. The name is Armin, and he is from Paris according to the film. And after that, he starts getting dusky visions of a murdered woman. When he tries to collect pieces of this jigsaw puzzle, he meets Kavya (Gauahar Khan), who becomes his close associate or companion. She almost falls in love with Armin and goes out of her way to help him. Soon, another murder happens. Is someone trying to frame Armin or there is something more than that?? Armin feels that he is in a mouse trap. From the trailer, we came to know that Armin is a contract killer, and he faced a car accident. The story is mainly retrieving identity which is lost during an accident. Feverfirst-day box office collection revenue in India isINR 3 crore.

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Fever First Day Audience Response:

There good feedback about the film given by the audience. As it is a suspense thriller, so people expect that thrill in the movie. Here the suspense was maintained throughout the film which is a positive note for this movie. But there is an another fact which is a bit negative for the film is it can’t be watched with family as fever is contained with so many kissing scene. It is one of the most important reason that Fever is touted as a bold movie with an interesting climax.

At this point it is too difficult to give ratings to the movie Fever, cause the plot is interesting, music is very soothing, and cinematography is almost perfect. To me, it’s a onetime watchable movie. I want to give 2 stars for the location and Armin. Rajeev Khandelwal is a powerful actor though his journey in Bollywood is not so smooth. Hope this time audience like his Casanova as well as the grey image in Fever.

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