Fast and the Furious 8 Latest Trailer Reveals a Lot of the Movie: Get Ready for Some High Adrenalin Rush!

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Speeding cars, Explosions, tank, submarine; the movie Fast and Furious 8 will provide you all as per the latest trailer of the film goes. Fast and Furious franchise has this common trait to come every time up with much more than its previous movie. The trailer speaks it loud and clear that the eighth installment has successfully kept the trend alive. Each time the fans think what more can the franchise may offer as latest movie almost covers everything possible but each time we get mesmerized with their immense futuristic vision and craftsmanship!

The new trailer of Fast and the Furious 8 comes with the biggest surprise of all when Dom is pressured by Cipher played by Charlize Theron to become a rogue, and he turns against his friends. But some of the most interesting moment of the trailer are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson catching a grenade with his bare hand, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges drives a tank, A submarine in the Arctic chase, Dwayne redirects a torpedo with his feet! There is no doubt the viewers will get a hell of an experience at the theaters. So many things in a three minutes trailer can make you wonder what the entire movie will hold for you then!

The trailer gives us a glimpse of the level of action and visual effects the movie will offer to its fans! The latest trailer even showed a glimpse of late Paul Walker aka Brian O’Conner through a photograph along with his wife, Mia. Shot around different locations around the world, the movie gives us beautiful locations of Mvatn, Havana, Atlanta, Cleveland and New York City.

The action flick Fast and the Furious 8 is directed by F. Gary Gray, produced byVin Diesel,Neal H. Moritz and Michael Fottrell and is written by Chris Morgan and Gary Scott Thompson and will be releasing on 14th April in the United States of America.

Watch the Fast and the Furious 8 New Trailer

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