Fast and Furious 8 has a Fierce New Antagonist in Charlize Theron

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Fast and Furious 8: Universal’s largest franchise The Fast and the Furious will once again be back on the silver screens with its eight instalment in April 2017. The plot line of the film series which is based on heists and street racing has an all new director (F. Gary Gray) this time, therefore, it is quite expected that Fast and Furious 8 would have a lot in store for the viewers.

Charlize Theron is the new antagonist in  Fast and Furious 8

Game N Guide highlighted that Charlize Theron is the new antagonist in the upcoming instalment and that she would be the most powerful and manipulative villain of the franchise yet. Ruby Rose and Cara Delevingne will also be a part of her evil deeds. On the other hand, another source pointed out the facts which can be seen in Fast and Furious 8, and the post states that just when the team decides to lead a normal life, an evil woman (Charlize Theron) will barge into Dom’s life. He will be lured by this new character of Charlize Theron due to which Dom will be bound to betray those who are extremely close to him.

Charlize Theron will sport a refreshing new look in Fast and Furious 8.

The revelation has already set in the excitement for the viewers, and the official trailer of Fast and Furious 8 looks extremely promising and highly intriguing. Nevertheless, just like the past few films in the series were given a new title even the eighth instalment has been renamed to The Fate of the Furious.

The previous instalment of the film series ended with a cliffhanger and the fans are now hoping to witness all of it in the upcoming movie, therefore, they just cannot wait to release their patience level. And if predictions happen to be true, then Fast and Furious 8 will definitely become the most engrossing movie under the franchise.

Check out the trailer for Fast and Furious 8 below.

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