Fallout 4 Romance Piper, Preston, Other Male and Female

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Fallout 4 Romance

Fallout 4 game is the fourth series of Fallout. It is the best role-playing and action game that you must try on your computer or PlayStation. Most of you already familiar with this and already gain so much experience. But there is also one exciting feature in this game that some players still not know. The name of that feature is Fallout 4 romance. Yes, you can enjoy the romance with individual characters in this game. Here, we gave detailed information about Fallout 4 romance options, companions, mods, etc. So, you can get all the ideas about them and don’t need to search again on google.

Fallout 4 Romance Options2


Fallout 4 Romance Piper, Preston, Other Male, and Female

Fallout 4 Romance options

Romance with companions is not easy and not for everyone. There are certain conditions for getting an option to romance with various characters. At a glance, It must be because the easy availability of precious things and moments can spoil the charm. You will get the Fallout 4 romance options when your character affinity reached to the highest point. The benefits of making the bond with particular companions are you will be rewarded with bonuses and perks. You might understand that affinity is playing the most important role to browse Fallout 4 romance options. You have to focus on increasing your character’s affinity. Different companions have different types of the perk. There are male and female both types of companions available in the Fallout 4 game.

Fallout 4 Romance Options Male


Hancock can be found in Good neighbor. He is interested in romance. Hancock is providing Isodoped perk and using Chaim results as to raising the affinity of Hancock. Besides, Hancock likes discovering a new location without wearing clothes.


You can meet Preston at the Museum of Freedom. You cannot find any quest here. Preston male companion likes romance with the United We Stand Perk. This perk will help you to damage a 20% bonus while attacking three enemies simultaneously.

Fallout 4 Romance Options

Fallout 4 Romance Options Female


Cait is a Female companion, and Benign Intervention is her associated quest. You can discover her in the combat zone. You will get a Trigger Rush as a perk by doing a romance with her. The behavior of Cait is violent, and she is selfish. She has the ability to helping in survival and regenerates AP quickly.


You can find Piper in the Diamond City. Story of the Century is the location quest of Piper companion. She has a great and kind heart. You can receive the perk Gift of Gab. During the speech challenges and finding a new location, the XP will be double.


Curie is a female robot companion located in Vault 81 Zones. She holds a friendly nature. Combat Medic is the perk of Curie, which provides a 10% boost up in health.

Fallout 4 Romance Mod

As we mentioned above, you will be able to do romance after reach the highest level of affinity. Here we covered the Fallout 4 romance mods, likes, and dislikes of particular companion. Also, romance with certain companions can increase your XP.

Cait Romance Guide

You can meet Cait in a combat zone. The requirement of Cait will be done by surviving your trip and speaking to the Contractor of her. By searching the back story, you can know more information about her. You have to complete the Benign Intervention by winning the heart of Cait. You will be rewarded with Trigger Rush perk that will boost your health by up to 25%. To increase the Cait affinity, drink alcohol, pick locks, and use Chems.

What Cait likes in yours?

  • Pickpockets
  • Picking locks
  • Picking owned locks
  • Making Selfish and Violent Dialogues Choice
  • Drinking Alcohol

Fallout 4 Romance Mod

What Cait dislikes in yours?

  • Killing non-hostiles
  • Eating humanoid flesh
  • Making Peaceful, Mean, and Generous dialogues choice

Piper Romance Guide

This female companion is the investigator of Diamond city. Piper has a good heart, and she likes to help others. She hates theft, exploitation, and dishonesty. So, if you want to raise affinity, behave like a kind person, take her to the dungeon crawls, and pick locks. Make sure, do not use lockpick. You can get gab perk by impressing her via chat. This perk becomes helpful to search for new places and complete persuasion challenges.

What Piper like in yours?

  • Picking locks in a dungeons crawl
  • Making Sarcastic and Generous dialogues choice
  • Giving items for Miscellaneous quests

What Piper dislikes in yours?

  • Pick Pocket
  • Stealing
  • Making Violent and Selfish dialogues choice.
  • Killing non-hostiles
  • Eating humanoid flesh

Hancock Romance Guide

Hancock is a golden heart male companion in Fallout 4. Use chems to increase the affinity of Hancock. You can know him by his interesting backstory. Impressing Hancock will reward you, Isodoped perk. It will help you to increase the 20% critical generation speed.

What Hancock like in yours?

  • Using chems
  • Making Peaceful, violent and Generous dialogues choice
  • Giving items for miscellaneous quests

What Hancock dislikes in yours?

  • Stealing
  • Making Selfish and Mean dialogues choice
  • Killing non-hostiles
  • Walking around naked

Preston Romance Guide

Preston will become very helpful in achieving higher levels. To get Preston, you have to complete the Minute Men quest. This companion meets in the prior primary mission. For getting the United We Stand perk from Preston, you have to keep a friendly environment with him. With this perk, you will be able to damage the opponent bonus up to 20% and get 20% damage resistance of yours.

What Preston like in yours?

  • Modify weapons
  • Making Peaceful, Generous, and Sarcastic dialogues choice
  • Giving items for miscellaneous quests

What Preston dislikes in yours?

  • Stealing
  • Pickpocket
  • Picking owned locks
  • Eating humanoid flesh
  • Making Selfish and Violent dialogues choice
  • Addiction of chems

Curie Romance Guide

The female robot companion Curie gives you Combat Medic perk. For that, you have to be friends with her. The perk helps you to boost your health by up to 10%. For increasing an affinity, be a nice guy in front of Curie.

What Curie like in yours?

  • Making Peaceful, Mean, and Nice dialogues choice
  • Giving items for Miscellaneous quests

What Curie Dislike in Yours?

  • Stealing
  • Pickpocket
  • Making Selfish dialogue choice
  • Killing non-hostiles
  • Addiction of chems

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