Falling Water Season 2: Is Renewal On Cards?

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Falling Water Season 2

The ongoing supernatural American drama television series Falling Water opened to mix reactions as the respective series receivedbelow average viewership as well as not-so-satisfactory reaction from the critics. Currently, the series is moving ahead with its Season 1 which comprises of 6 episodes thus subsequently engaged with its upcoming episode no. 6. The series latest episode 5 titled as “Ambergris” will air today i.e. on November 10, 2016. Season 1 last episode is scheduled to air on November 17 and with this first season of Falling Water comes to an end. However, renewal of the recent ongoing series has not been confirmed yet by the production unit thus keeping Falling Water Season 2 in an unstable mode for future.

Created by Gale Anne Hurd, Blake Masters and Henry Bromell, Falling Water has been directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo under the banner of Gangtackle Productions, Valhalla Entertainment and Universal Cable Productions. The series consists a star cast of David Ajala, Lizzie Brocher, Will Yun Lee, Kai Lennox, Anna Wood, Zak Orth, among others. Falling Water main plot revolves around 3 strangers who are dreaming the same part of each other’s dreams. All the three dreams are inter-connected and so when they delve deeper to seek the actual reason and meaning behind the whole coincidence, the characters realise that the implications are much larger than their personal fate. Most importantly, the future of the world lies in their hands. The plot being a novel one yet confusing became one of theprime reason for less viewership for the ongoing season thus highly impacting on the renewal of Falling Water Season 2.

Falling Water season 1 received a score of 6.5 out of 10 based on 849 votes of which 14 reviews came from users and 7 from the critics. Rotten Tomatoes gave 38% on the basis of 13 reviews eventually closing the total viewership to mere 0.348 million. Though the premier or the pilot episode opened in a favourable condition as viewership settled to 0.467 millionwith its third episode reaching the highest with 0.567 million. The depreciation in the viewership is primarily because of its confusing plot and mixed reaction from the critics. The whole affect is definitely going to hamper the renewal of Falling Water Season 2.

So, it’s still under huge dilemmaeven with the makers that they would continue with the series or not and if yes, then Falling Water Season 2 will get how much viewership with the same plot. Perhaps, if the plotline is bit twisted or changed, then it might help in boosting up the supernatural dramatic thriller television series. Up tillnow, Falling Water airs every Thursday at 10:00p.m. ET for 1 hour in USA TV.

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