Faking It Season 4: Any Chances For A Reboot Or A Web-Only Series?

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Faking It was first in more than one way. It’s the first show to feature an intersex character and is the first show to include an intersex character who is played by an intersex actor. After season 3, the show got cancelled robbing fans of a possibly happy ending of the leading ladies and other characters. It’s sad for a show that has always tried to push the social envelope with several LGBT themes got cancelled despite having a raving fan following throughout the world. Here we discuss if Faking It season 4 could ever happen.

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Faking It premiered in 2014 on MTV, starringRita Volk, Katie Stevens, Gregg Sulkin, Michael Willett and Bailey De Young.The series was created by Dana Min Goodman, Julia Wolov and developed by Carter Covington who also happens to be the executive producer of the show.

The show focuses on its lead Amy (Rita Volk) and her efforts to come to terms with her sexuality and her feelings towardher best friend Karma (Katie Stevens). But the groundbreaking comedy’s legacy had to be cancelled because of low ratings in season 3.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter,Carter Covington revealed there weren’t any creative issues (unlike what many would believe) and that the decision was purely based on ratings. He said he had pleaded with the network for a last season to say goodbye to fans of the show and although “MTV has been incredibly proud of the show and has always supported it creatively. It was purely a numbers decision.”

Any Hopes for Faking It Season 4?

With MTV moving to the digital avenues, there could be a good chance for the show to be a web-only series, right! But digital budgets are small, and it’ll be economically very challenging and unrealistic toget the show made.

Covington has no idea, why the show, despite having a loyal fanbase never caught up with a larger audience and he isn’t too hopeful about the show’s future.

“Unfortunately, MTV owns the show and usually shopping would be started by the studio and we don’t have a studio. There isn’t an entity that could stop it. It would have to be someone asking to buy the show from MTV and make more. And because our ratings weren’t strong, I don’t know if there would be any suitors. Sadly, I think this is the end.” –Carter Covington, Executive Producer of Faking It.

Is there any chance of rebooting the show the wayJavier Grillo-Marxuach is presently writing a reboot forXena: Warrior Princess that ended back in 2001? Covington says he did make an effort in this direction, but MTV wasn’t as enthusiastic about the idea. For an underperforming show, a reboot to reach to a wider audience is a stretch.

Closure For Amy and Karma’s Relationship?

“That will always be my sole regret,” says Covington, “that I never got to explore Karma and Amy together.” Had they been allowed a final season, i.e. Faking It Season 4, chances are Karma would have been made to look inwards, may have questioned the nature of her intense friendship with Amy and her affections for her.

But since this isn’t happening, the only refuge fans have got now is in fanfictions.

HadFaking It Season 4 been happening, how would you have liked the series to end? How do see Amy and Karma’s relationship closing?

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