Fairy Tail Chapter 514 Will Include Revelation on Ezra and Natsu’s Relation

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Fairy Tail Chapter 514

The ongoing anime Fairy Tail has been quite captivating since its first introduction (as manga) and equally garnering positive response since its first episode or chapter. In the latest addition of Fairy Tail Chapter 514, there are chances that fans will finally get to know some interesting facts as creators are all set to reveal a relationship between two highly anticipated characters. Yes, the upcoming chapter will reveal regarding the relation between Ezra and Natsu as it is finally settled that are both siblings.

As in process of revealing her identity on gradual terms, in the previous chapter of Fairy Tail, Ezra shocks the readers when she speaks about her past. The revelation of her identity mainly occurred during a battle against Irene and Wendy after she finally dodges the question in front of Irene. Wendy also realises that there are similarities as her scent and features are somewhat same. During the battle, Ezra announces that she has been single-handedly nurtured by Master Makarov to which Irene raises her sword and asks to continue the battle thus finally pronouncing her name as Irene Belserine and stating as “And I was once the Queen of all Dragons“.

Chapter 514 of Fairy Tail which is titled as ‘The Origin of the Dragons’, will include the Father of Ezra as many anticipate that Ezra’s father most likely could be Igneel, the Fire Dragon King, who is eventually the father of Natsu. So, that makes Natsu and Ezra foster sisters as Wendy witnessed a lot more similarity between Ezra and Irene. In fact, they looked as aclone during the battle which left Wendy quite amused.

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