Fairy Tail Chapter 507 : Spoilers and New Updates; Natsu and Gray in a Forever-Battle?

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Fairy Tail Chapter 507

Fairy Tail is a Japanese series which is illustrated and written by Hiro Mashima. It is touted to a manga series. Since August 2, it has been published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine. By Del Rey Manga, the series was licensed originally for releasing in the English Language in North America. The plot consists of a fictional world of the land of Earth which is populated by wizards. And in the opening of ‘Fairy Tail’, we have Lucy Heartfilia who has been seen running away from her house to join the Fairy Tail. And soon this series got populated across the world so much so that the upcoming chapter of Fairy Tail has been anticipated by the fans even with the recent release of the former chapter. From now onwards the fans are wondering what will happen in Fairy Tail chapter 507.


In the previous chapter, the damage was revealed as Makarov used the Fairy Law. and Irene said about 70 to 80 percent of their troops were killed due to the use of the Fairy Law. And We have Zeref who thinks that the reduction of the troops would not anyway change the outcome of the battle in the latter chapter 507 of ‘Fairy Tail’. Both Irene and Zeref are enough confident about the fact that the 12 Spriggan members have not yet perished. But from before we are known with the fact that Zeref taught Marvis the fairy law spell which Marvis taught Makarov. Therefore as suggested; Zeref, Irene and August will be using magic spells that are much more devastating that the Fairy Law used by Makarov.

However, the speculation of Gray and Natsu to stop fighting in chapter 506 of ‘Fairy Tail’ was pretty vague. They still continued their fighting and probably they were beyond caring and were shocked about what happened to the guild master. When their quarreling reached the summit we see Erza entering and stopping them both. And she stopped them and blocked both attacks of Natsu and Gray as effortless as she could. Now the question arises what will be happening next in chapter 507? Fairy Tail Chapter 507 will be releasing soon in a week. For ore, stay tuned with us.

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