‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 506 Spoilers, Air Date: Will Natsu And Gray Battle Against Each Other?

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Fairy Tail

When “Fairy Tail” is considered, fans are really hoping to watch the aftermath of Makarov’s FairyLaw Spell. Besides this, there is yet another kind of fans whobelieve that there would be another exciting fight between Natsu and Mavis aside from Irene Battle. However, in chapter 505 the fans have witnessed some of the major clues that can take this new chapter to a different level. Let us now have a recap of chapter 505 of “Fairy Tail.”

Recap: ‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 505

The last chapter of “Fairy Tail” was all about sacrifice by Makarov for the fellow members of Fairy Tail guild. Makarov surrendered his own life, or we can just say, he was forced to sacrifice his life as the guild members were gradually getting outnumbered by the powerful and massive forces ofthe Alvarez Empire. The fallen hero, however, decides to use the last of his cards which are powerful enough to kill every person with an ill intention near him.HE uses the so-called “Fairy Law”; one of the Fairy Magics which releases a bright light and soon will be harming the user’s enemies. But casting the fairy law led Makarov to his last breath. Mavis stopped him, yet for his “irreplaceable children”, Makarov made his final decision and hence he was at last successful. But the question is what’s next?

“Fairy Tail” Chapter 506 Spoilers

The recent death of Makarov has affected the members so much so that they are absolutely grieving. And for the fans of“Fairy Tail”, it is justified for them to imagine that the grief and sorrow of the members would soon turn into a rage. Along with Marvis, the entire guild will avenge Makarov’s death. On the other hand, we have Natsu and Gray, who will be seen battling till the last breath.But when talked aboutLucy, Ezra, and Wendy; spoilers say that they will be successful to stop the two from killing each other. Not only this but also according to the spoilers, Natsu and Gray would be able to rebuild their relationship as the five of them would be heading towards Marvis. Aside from this, in Fairy Tail chapter 506, fans will see Irene and Ezra to be fighting. Natsu will try to end Zeref. Apart from this, Gray will be battling withNatsu’s brother Larcade. The air date of Fairy Tail chapter 506 is on October 19. Isn’t the upcoming chapter sounding interesting? Stay tuned for more updates.

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