Facts That You Need to Know about Eyebrow Microblading

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Facts That You Need to Know about Eyebrow Microblading: Beauty is part of nature. It is part of the human desire to always look good and attractive. It is quite reasonable then that you want to look your best, to feel confident about yourself, and also to have that alluring appearance every time.

Before getting deeper into the Microblading topic, what exactly is it? To make it simple, it is a procedure that involves adding some pigment underneath the skin of the eyebrows to give the brows more definition.

Now that you know a bit about it, what is the first thing that you notice about a person, say a friend, when you meet? It could be the smile, the dental structure or the colour of the eyes. Most people tend to notice the eyebrows, which of course frame the eyes as well as highlighting favourable features on the face.

The whole process of applying your makeup and doing your eyebrows to ensure that you look stellar before going out can be a lengthy process. People prefer to save that effort by opting for Microblading. Your eyebrows will look great every time, even when you wake up.

Now that you know about Microblading and you are probably convinced that you need to go for it, how will you identify the right Microblading technician for the job? Before running off to get the job done anywhere and by anyone, you should consider the following, to identify the right Microblading salon:

  • Conduct a thorough research

Find out how microblanding is done first before making any quick decisions. The whole procedure may look simple theoretically, but the truth is, there is more to it.

  • Check the safety procedure

The first question that should come to your mind when you consider getting your eyebrows microbladed is whether the procedure is safe or not. How does the environment of the eyebrow microblading studio look like? The beauty salon that you choose to visit should follow safety protocols to ensure that your health is not affected. Be sure to avoid an environment that looks unhygienic and unprofessional.

  • Look for a busy salon.

Wait, a busy salon? That’s right. A salon that is likely to give good Microblading results will always be busy. Why? It’s not a matter of being against salons with few clients; but busy salons are busy for a reason. Numbers don’t lie. Many people would be visiting the place to get their brows done because the services are professional. You do not want to be the first client to visit a salon in a week or month.

The obvious question that would come to your mind is why people are not visiting the salon with few clients to get services rendered to them. That alone should raise a red flag and guide you to walk out of the door.

The simplest and the surest way of knowing whether particular Microblading services are incredible is to check out customer reviews. Well, don’t just look at the reviews; they should be solid. A beauty salon that has consistent positive reviews about its Microblading services is likely to be your best choice.

  • Ask for references

Microblading is an art. When you think about going to get someone work on a part of your face (your brows to be specific), you would want to consider asking for references from happy clients. You do not want to be the first client to get unsatisfactory results after the procedure. If your recommendations are delighted with their eyebrow job, they can refer you to the particular beauty salon where they got it.

  • You should be comfortable

Do you feel comfortable being in a particular salon? Well, you should be. Consider a place where when you walk in, you are received professionally and treated with respect. Work with someone who can answer your questions accordingly and with utmost clarity. Ask anything and everything that crosses your mind. Don’t hold back; this is all about you. If you find that you have peace of mind, then you are in the right place.

Now you know that microblading is just a fancy word that is used to describe eyebrow makeup that is somehow permanent. Now that you have an idea of what to consider when choosing a microblading procedure, there are facts about microblading that you need to know.

  • The procedure hurts

If you have a tattoo, you’ll understand the kind of pain that comes with microblading. If you have a low tolerance for pain, you are probably not going to like the experience. Several small incisions are made underneath the skin of your eyebrows depending on the eyebrow thickness that you want to achieve. The thicker you want your eyebrows to be, the more the incisions, hence, the more the pain.

  • It is costly

You probably wanted to know the cost of this procedure first before getting to know about the tips that would guide you in choosing the best salon to have the procedure done. Anyway, they say better late than never.

Microblading is not cheap. You need to have a full pocket or a bank account with a present reading of six-digit figures. To give you an estimate, the price ranges from $500 to $2000.  If you are on a tight budget, you may want to reconsider your decision and draw your eyebrows every morning instead. It doesn’t hurt anyway, does it?

  • It is not an overnight process

Microblading is not a 100% perfect job. Okay, you’ll get the procedure done by a professional at a reasonable price, but that does not mean that you will wake up with perfect eyebrows the next morning. In the first two weeks, you are probably not going to like what you will see when you look at yourself in the mirror.

That is normal because it is part of the healing process. After the procedure, you are likely to get your eyebrows thick and a bit darker than what you expected. As your skin gets renewed, the tattoo fades over time.

  • Microbladed eyebrows are permanent enough

Microbladed eyebrows are not that permanent, but they are there to stay for a considerably long time. That is why you need to have a professional touch on your eyebrows. If they are not done correctly, you will have to undergo the procedure again, except that you will have to wait close to 12 months before reworking them.

  • It requires commitment

Microblading requires an appointment, like the one you have with your doctor in the following few weeks after an illness. You will need to go for regular checkups. For this reason, don’t budget only for the first microblading appointment. You will still feel a little pinch in your expenses because of the touchups that are required to get your brows well set and looking incredible.

  • You can have a reaction

Depending on the sensitivity of your kin, you can experience a response from the pigments used before and after the procedure. After having your eyebrows microbladed, you should give them the same attention that you would give to a wound. To prevent the risks of an infection, you should use ointments on your brows until they get healed.

In case you went to get a tattoo and had an allergic reaction, you may want to rethink going for microblading. However, don’t rule out your options yet. Ensure that you consult with an aesthetician and a professional dermatologist for an evaluation.

Is there any simple way of removing tattoos that went wrong? No. the case is the same with microblading. Once you get your eyebrows done, there is no guarantee of removing them in case you do not like the results.

Any attempts such as the use of lasers would damage the skin underneath your eyebrows, and even make the area resistant to any treatment.

  • Be realistic about what you expect

Not all eyebrows will look amazing with your face shape. When choosing the type of eyebrows that you want done, there are a few things that you need to consider. These include the ratio of your mouth to your nose, and the shape of your face and forehead.

As much as you want to go for microblading to change your morning routine and to save time, it is essential to work with what you have; your facial features in this case.

  • A skin that is very oily is not good enough for the job

If you have oily skin, you should think again about going for microblading. Skin that is oily is tough to work with since it is likely to reject the pigment. You are also expected to have pigment hydration whereby instead of getting a look with distinct strokes, you will end up with eyebrows that look like they have been filled with powder.

Oily skin also tends to scar easily, so you should ensure that you are dealing with a professional who has dealt with your skin type before.

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