Facts about Verandas and Pergolas before You make a Choice

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Almost every homeowner wants some space outside the house where they can spend some time in the fresh air. You want to sit outside there with a book or some beverage without venturing too far from the house. That is why most homes have verandas or pergolas.

Either of the two is great for outdoor living, but which one is ideal for you? Depending on your lifestyle with regard to how often you entertain and how big your home is, you must put careful thought into this one. You do not want to build one then wish you had considered the other.

You will also need to factor in the following:

  • Your preference
  • Your budget
  • Available space

Reading up about verandahs and pergolas will also help you in making a decision.



Verandas are usually attached to the home. They can be:

  • At the front
  • At the back
  • At the side
  • All around

Veranda roofs are not strictly fixed and can be made to roll back if you want more of the sun. They are a nice space to relax alone or with friends without leaving your home.


Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to the house. They can also be open or sheltered. You can put one up a little distance from the house and bring company over for a visit or just relax alone or with family.

A pergola is an adaptable outdoor structure that comes in various sizes, shapes, and materials. They can be made to suit any style of home.

Traditional pergolas made use of plants as a natural source of shade, but the modern ones have a permanent roof.

What do verandas and pergolas have in common?

They have two things in common:

  • They are both outdoor structures.
  • They are both covered structures.

The one difference comes in the roofing. Pergola roofing is permanent while the veranda has the option of a retractable roof.

What to consider when choosing between the two

  • Space to entertain

Pergolas have more space if you entertain a lot. Verandas are better suited for side by side sitting than for putting on the music and having a dance-off.

  • The size of your garden

If you have a small garden, then a pergola will not be of any benefit to you. A dance does not need you to have a garden.

  • Sun protection

Both structures are sheltered and can offer protection from the sun. However, with a veranda, you can lower the temperatures inside your house and reduce the use of the AC and fans. This will lower your power bills quite a bit.

  • Your budget

Both structures can improve the value of your home considerably. Should you be building with a view to selling in the foreseeable future, this is a factor you need to consider. A veranda, especially a wrap-around one, adds more value than a pergola.

Ultimately, verandas and pergolas serve the same purpose except for the entertainment bit which will call for you favoring the pergola over the veranda, but your specific requirements will guide you in making the right choice between the two structures.

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