Factors that have Led to Bingo being so Popular in the UK

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The game of bingo is pretty damn popular all around the world by now, however one of the first places where it really took off was in the UK, something that happened for a variety of reasons. In fact, many people are tempted into thinking that bingo actually originated in Britain, however the trust is that without a lottery style game called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia developed in Italy what we now know as bingo may not have ever existed. 

Regardless, bingo at www.barbadosbingo.com is extremely popular in the UK, so much so that there are pieces of British slang now that originated because of bingo, and are now used in a variety of different contexts. It is always interesting to track the progression of gambling games in certain countries, because you inevitably find out quite a lot along the way. Keep reading for a discussion into some factors that have led to bingo being so popular in the UK.


Bingo is woven into British culture 

Bingo was imported into Britain in the early 19th century, and for some reason it very quickly became an essential part of British culture, especially in terms of language. There are loads of specific bingo number calls used, for example, and these very quickly spread to being used not only in bingo games, but in normal day-to-day life too. 

Just consider some of the most popular bingo number calls such as “Two Fat Ladies” or “Key To The Door”. These phrases are now completely standard things to hear in English slang, and it is all because of the cultural impact that bingo has had on the UK! 

Bingo in UK schools 

Another key example of how deeply the game of bingo is woven into the UK’s cultural fabric is in regard to its position in UK schools. You see, bingo has been used for a few hundred years now in British schools, and has consistently been a key tool to help teach kids about basic mathematic principles that they will need in later life. 

In fact, bingo is still used today in schools to teach pupils things like their times tables and other common bits of maths. There is no wonder, therefore, that bingo remains so popular in the UK, because most people would have grown up playing it at school!

Bingo Games

What is The Betting And Gaming Act 1960? 

Whilst bingo was incredibly popular in the UK even before 1960, when the government introduced The Betting And Gaming Act in 1960 it really helped to make the game even more popular. 

Before The Betting And Gaming Act bingo was played extensively, however it was mainly consigned to private bingo parties. This government act enabled places like bingo halls to open, making bingo a much more commercial game to play in the UK. 

Online bingo in the 21st Century 

Online bingo was in many ways the final piece of the puzzle for the popularity of bingo in the UK, as it resulted in millions more players.

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