Extend the life of your car – Know Best Commandments of car care

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car maintenance

Know Best Commandments of car care: The modern cars aren’t any longer just an accessory which is owned by people of stature who carry the sole rights of bragging about their ownership; nowadays everyone, in fact, almost every family has a car of their own. There are many who even consider a car as a vital extension of owning a house. Some have even gone to the level of foregoing the entire idea of owning a home for opting a mobile home so that they could stay wherever their vehicles take them. For many others, cars constitute a necessary part of their business.

Even though you own a car, you’re not an auto expert who knows about all the automobile parts. But you need not fret if you aren’t someone who is mechanically inclined. We have compiled a list of the best car maintenance tips that can ensure a longer life for your dream car. Read on to know about them.

#1: Keep changing your Best  air filter

You will need a new air filter for your vehicle every 12 months or after spending 12,000 miles, whichever will arrive first. You can surrender your car to a mechanic for a day and if you want to go the DIY way, you can also change the air filter on your own. First, you need to find the filter after opening the hood of the car, check the manual of the owner in case you don’t find it after opening the hood. Remove the dilapidated air filter and insert the new one. Once you’re done, make sure you close the metal clips.

car maintenance

#2: Replace the spark plugs

Majority of the spark plugs will need to be replaced after around 30,000 miles but you can check whether or not the vehicle is different and it has got some other rule. You may think that it will be an intense work to change these spark plugs, it is not so. Rather, it is a very simple process. You’ll require exercising patience and setting aside some time for doing this. Don’t remove all the wires at once as the spark plugs are installed in a definite order which has to be maintained.

#3: Change the windshield wipers

If you come across free installation of wiper blades, you shouldn’t opt for them as free installation will apply only when you get the most costly blades that are available in the store. As per the rules, you’ll require changing your wiper blades after around every 6 months. The setting-up of wiper blades will differ from one car to another and hence you should go through the manual of the owner. Also read the set of instructions of the new blades so that you get to know what to do.

#4: Maintain the car’s battery

The ultimate tip of running your car efficiently and smoothly is a perfect connection with the battery. Even if there is a white residue on the posts, this can bar your car from starting. Even when you check the condition of the battery once, you’ll get to know how the task should be performed. Remove the terminals, clean the posts, rinse the fluid, dry the posts with a cloth and replace the terminals of the battery. A dead battery will always be frustrating for the car.

Therefore, when you’re thinking of the different ways in which you can maintain your car, you should take into account the above mentioned tips and strategies. Make sure your car is kept at its best so that it runs smoothly throughout its life. Car maintenance should be your top priority.

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