Experience London’s Beauty Like Never Before By Going on a Thames Cruise

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Traveling the world is always a thing that has been enjoyed by people of different ages. We all love to go for a vacation, beating our daily routines and exploring some exciting places across the world. London is one of those European cities, where people love to experience rich urban heritage and glories of historical past. However, this city is not all about some monuments which were built during the Victorian era. This city also offers a lot of amusement opportunities. As a traveler, if you want to explore something different or entirely new, you should try river cruising at the Thames.

Different Packages for Cruising

One can easily book cruise service at the Thames online. A lot of cruise operators are there, featuring different kinds of services as well as packages. Some cruise line operators provide fine dining experience on cruise deck. You shall find heavenly food and fine wine at dinner, along with soft jazzy beats to set the perfect romantic tone. You can opt for candlelight dinner session at luxurious cruise on the Thames. It would be a memorable experience for you for sure. So, check online cruising services and explore various packages. You can choose to stay overnight, or you may want to stay at cruise for a beautiful evening.

Opportunity to Explore Outskirts


While cruising on Thames River, you should not miss visiting outskirt places. You will enjoy the view of fantastic castles on the top of hills and vineyards. The unforgettable part is fresh wine made from the grapes in the vineyard, which could be taken after the evening meal. Stopping in nearby small villages is another added delight in a river cruise. For such trips, you may need to spend one to two nights at cruise.

Mouth Littering Foods for Boarders

Travelling on a luxurious river cruise is great fun for all foodies. They serve soups, meats, fish and variety of seafood to the borders. Delicious continental breakfast is an added advantage for them, which include pastries, yogurt, fruits, salmon champagne, cheese, sausages and many special regional delicacies. Some cruises offer excellent fine dining experience. They come up with great foods and exquisite drinks. It is a great way to enjoying the birthday with your spouse or simply enjoying a romantic date during your trip to London with your partner.

Entertainment and enrichment

Different cruise services have different kinds of amusement offering. Generally, at evening, they arrange a live musical performance of local bands. Guests can take part in other fun activities like fishing, bird watching, etc. Cruises also offer cooking class sessions for guests. You shall have a great opportunity to learn cooking local dishes or delicacies. Moreover, it is fun to learn cooking as a traveler as it helps to understand cultural backgrounds of local people in the better way. Guests can enjoy folk dance and music in open-air concert on a cruise. Several other activities are also offered, such as wine tasting, and glass blowing is also performed for the amusement of the borders on the cruise.

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