Everything you need to know before Setting up your Business Social Media Pages

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Are you looking to create a social media presence for your brand? You are not alone. The platform is increasingly attractive for marketing and other brand activities. There is a high level of interest in brand activity on social media, with up to 75% of the 3.7 billion active monthly users following at least one brand on their social media platform of choice. The staggering level of interest combines with the affordability, popularity and ease of use of these platforms to make social media an unbeatable avenue for brands.

It could be a reason why marketing agents preferred social media advertising to traditional marketing avenues, with the expenditure outlay on social media weighing in at about ten times that of print, TV and radio marketing. This is even more significant when you consider the range of free and cost friendly options available for brands on social media. For instance, you can increase the popularity of your brand’s content by getting affordable Instagram views for video and story posts to boost the performance of your posts and help you achieve your desired level of impact on the platform quickly.

Many brands set up their social media profiles without considering the risks involved or developing a strategy to boost their growth through social media activity. It can be counterproductive to set up your brand’s social media profile if you are not going to ensure that it meets user expectations of your brand. Here are a few things you should consider when setting up a social media account to help generate the right type of interest.

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Know your audience

Do you know who you are targeting online? You could be better off as a brand by marketing your services and products to a specific demographic. If you know your audience, you will understand their needs and preferences, which may guide you when coming up with products, services or content that is designed for them. If you are able to appeal to your target audience, you could drive up the ability meet certain metrics for Improve your business, which could help you grow your brand faster.

Know your limits

Do you have sufficient staff to handle your brand’s activity across different social media platforms? The general rule of thumb for brands without a significant following is a social media team member for every platform, plus one. You need to assess your ability to comfortably share content and keep in touch with interested users by considering your staffing capacity. If you do not have enough team members to comfortably handle your social media activity, you could be faced by a large amount of ignored conversations, which could harm your brand. You would be better off maintaining a single social media account if that is all you can comfortably handle.

Understand the risks

Your reputation, according to Investment mogul Warren Buffet, is a crucial part of your brand. It will take years to build, but may be wiped away in a matter of minutes. On social media, this is emphasized strongly. If you do not understand the risks to your reputation, you could end up suffering severe consequences. How can you develop a good reputation?

You can offer quality services and products, which will ensure high customer satisfaction levels. There is bound to be a query or two, but knowing how to handle these could even help you improve your reputation and build a loyal following. If users engage with you negatively or have complaints, you could take up a problem solving approach to help win over a potential new client. Understanding the risks will help you develop a suitable social media strategy.

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Determine your strategy

You need to have a content management strategy to increase the likelihood of sharing content successfully, and leveraging it to achieve your goals. A great content management strategy will also detail out how often you should share content, which will help you maintain your online presence.

It can guide you on what to share, which may work to reduce the risks to your brand arising from sporadically developed content. Content management would enable you develop content for weeks in advance, which you can use to maintain a consistent and entertaining platform. You will be better able to keep your followers entertained, informed and loyal to your brand if you develop a content strategy.

Work with other brands

You could stand to create partnerships and attract even more followers by working with other brands. They do not have to be in your field of industry, but should have some relevance to help actually grow your brand. Working with other brands will increase the likelihood of growth because your interaction could help both brands generate interest in the other’s followers.

It can be an easier way to attract interest in both brands. How can you do it? Working with other brands could be as simple as engaging with them for product awareness, linking their content to your own and actively advertising them on your platform.

Free can be expensive

One of social media’s great draw is the free to join and use nature. If you are on social media, you should consider it a strategic marketing tool that will allow you to advertise your brand. While this can be done without a charge, you will be less likely to achieve your marketing goals online. Organic social media activity will usually take along amount of time to generate any impact, particularly for smaller brands.

You could consider paid advertising options, which are relatively inexpensive. On some platforms, you could access these features for as low as $1! It is important to consider both free and paid social media marketing strategies to help grow your brand faster and increase the potential benefit to you. This should also factor in your decision to join social media. When you are choosing an ideal social media platform for your brand, you may consider only those which offer affordable paid advertising options.

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