Everything You Need to Know About the MCAT’s

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Thanks to modern technology, you can study from your smartphone. Your smartphone will become your ultimate source for preparing for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). There are a wealth of resources to help you keep up with the MCAT changes.

Be sure to shut off your e-mail and social media notifications, so you don’t get distracted in the middle of study time. Here are five ways you can effectively prepare for the MCAT to get a high score and pursue higher Education.

Read Textbooks

There are several students who understand the science sections of the MCAT but struggle with the Critical Reading and Analysis Section. To get better at this section, read as much as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to spend most of your time in the library reading academic journals and technical papers. The key is to read as many textbooks as possible. You can even download textbooks to your smartphone or tablet using the Kindle app or other mobile platforms.

Watch Educational Videos

Since many students don’t like to use textbooks and workbooks as study materials, educational videos may be the best way to go. Textbooks and workbooks can be incredibly inconvenient to carry around. You’re a busy student who’s juggling pre-med classes and a full-time job. Instead of wasting time watching cat videos, you should watch educational videos. Some of the best YouTube channels include AK Lectures, Crash Course, Khan Academy, and Udacity.

You Need to Know About the MCAT's

Most of these videos are provided to you in a step-by-step format. Some of the best videos come in easy-to-use playlists that consist of various MCAT content categories. These playlists include a lesson that’s part of a free MCAT prep course. The great thing about educational videos is that they’re easy to follow along and free to use. This interactive method for learning makes it easier to retain difficult concepts.

Study Interactive Flashcards

The MCAT covers a massive amount of material. There are so many concepts for students to understand that sometimes taking notes is inefficient. You need to come up with a systematic review that requires you to test yourself on the topics you’ve been learning, and interactive flashcards are perfect for this method. You can download any flashcard app that’s relevant to the MCAT.

The two most popular flashcard apps include Anki or Quizlet, both of which inform you about the latest MCAT changes. Anki is a sleek app that automatically reminds you when you should review your flashcards. Quizlet also has notifications and allows you to share your flashcards with your friends. Both of these mobile apps are free to download for Android and iOS users and will allow you to do your studying at your own pace.

Practice the Prep Exam

An important part of studying for the MCAT is to prepare for the exam. If you only read, study, and take notes, you won’t be well-prepared for the exam. Those who pass the MCAT have taken advantage of online prep for graduate entrance exams. There are plenty of free online resources that allow you to practice problems from your smartphone or tablet. There are several apps that serve this very purpose. Some of them come with a built-in score tracker, so you can find out how to improve your MCAT score.

You Need to Know About the MCAT's

Join Online MCAT Forums

There are so many pre-med students who are looking for information just like you. Online MCAT forums can be one of your best resources for preparing for the MCAT and medical school. These forums can become valuable since most pre-med students will share their MCAT score and what they did to achieve it. Most of these online forums can be accessed from your mobile phone, and provide you with the information you need to pursue your pre-medical school journey.

These are just some of the best ways to study for the MCAT from home. The next time you find yourself stuck on the bus, subway, or even in the line at the grocery store, you can access any of these resources from your phone. Some of them may even help you be aware of the latest MCAT changes. Don’t forget to reach out to your fellow students and professors with any additional help you may need.

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