Every battle is won first in mind; then in the battlefield

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Some people had fear of confronting a crowd and public speaking was never my cup of tea. Everyone would start sweating if he comes to know that now it is his turn of entry on the stage in the theatre. But the art of speaking and presentation is developed when you had given two-three performances on the state. You can’t avoid it after you had developed this opportunity of performing different characters.

I recollect that in the school time, I did not dare to even as a doubt in the class due to the fear that others will laugh at me that my questions are silly. I used to approach my teachers when they were alone.

Similarly in theatre, when this hobby is developed in anyone, he has to rehearse in alone to give a better performance later on, on the stage.

I had come out from this phobia to some extent as I wanted to do something best even if I was going to make mistakes. Fortunately, everything had gone well with my performance in almost more than a dozen plays on the stage.

One must raise the number of questions to himself before discussing with anyone, or going to meet some senior person or whenever you have to speak to the elite audience. You will get a confidence in practical at any place.

My second observation was that I used to fumble as I used to speak very fast as I wanted to finish the task as soon as possible. So I decided to go a bit slower and gradually the number of errors started reducing and my confidence level started going up to some extent.

Another area of the challenge was my body language – the facial expressions, hand movements, posture and so on to beautify the overall presentation, which too improved with the passage of time.


In fact, the level of challenges and expectations keep increasing as we keeping moving up the ladder of responsibilities.

We often claim our conditions or background for such inhibitions but that is a total misconception.

I had avoided short-term pains in my childhood but not taking initiatives due to the fear of getting ridiculed the long-term gains.

Frankly speaking, still sometimes I feel shyness when I am asked to speak instantly on certain occasions. Had I taken those short-term pains during my student’s days, it would have saved years of my struggle. But I have concluded that every battle is won first in mind and then on the battlefield.

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