Dressed up in his office attire, Tim carefully steps into his sedan and readies the keys. Something is wrong because he is repeating four to five times now. He gets out of the car in despair, unlocks the bonnet and checks for the issues, if only he can find one. Exploring his cell phone call list, he comes across no auto repair centers that provide car battery servicing. Tim ends up boarding a cab and takes the gloomy way to the office.

At times like this, Eveready car battery suppliers might come to Tim’s rescue in an indirect manner as they provide genuine car batteries to the repair or service centers who have been trained and experienced in this field. A professional auto repair official comes up with an immediate solution to the issue and to mend it. It is difficult to identify the precise cause of a car battery issue since it looks complicated and you might need safety precautions while doing it. Reaction inside the car battery can cause a rise in temperature. More the battery temperature, more likely it will decay soon. Batteries cannot even resist too cold temperatures because it depletes itself of its power to start the vehicle. If it’s a freezing cold rainy day, you may find it straining to keep attempting to start your vehicle.

Eveready Automotive Battery
Eveready Automotive Battery

Real world causes of battery failure

More than 50% of vehicle breakdowns are due to car battery failure. Since it is responsible for turning on the car switch, you might have to forgo large amounts of fuel otherwise. Although factory defects are common, often insufficient battery usage leads to problems that ask for proper battery check-up. This problem intensifies in a crowded city where the driver alternated between keeping the vehicle started or turned off. Issues like acid stratification drain the battery out of its maximum charge limit and performance diminishes. The more you accelerate your car, the more heat it will produce.

How to mend a battery failure or heating?

Car experts opine that a well-built battery serves your purpose right. Cheaper ones are not the best, and you may end up with a limited warranty and an overall short life expectancy. To prevent batteries from an untimed sink, make sure

  • Cars are used frequently to prevent the batteries from draining their charge.
  • Make sure that the batteries are removed when not in use.
  • Check the batteries from time to time. Go for careful inspection or removal/reconnection.
  • An Eveready car battery supplier employs their research and development facilities to identify the precise issue and determine whether it’s your client’s car battery which is at fault.

Does my client need a new battery?

To save power, you turn off all the electrical switches when you are leaving the room. Why not ask your clients to switch off their car headlights as well when not in use? Batteries experience ‘slow cramp’ or even immediate death and the cars just refuse to start. If the inbuilt Eveready automotive battery refuses to start the vehicle, the active components of the battery might have drained itself to the full leaving the driver with little reserve. Ask your customer to test the battery from time to time. A tested battery (not overused) functioning under proper temperature settings enhances the longevity and working potential.

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