Europe, Arabs Rally Against US Decision For Israeli Capital

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President Donald Trump of the United States of America decided to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and recognizing it as the capital of Israel. This move came as a reversal to decades of US policy and also caused a lot of unrest in the Middle East. Many countries rallied against this decision including Palestine, and there has been a sharp criticism drawn from almost everyone except Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Trump’s move as a historic, courageous and just action and promised no change in the status quo to the highly sensitive holy sites in the city that are holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Palestine, on the other hand, was completely outraged at this decision of the US and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said the US could no longer play the role of peace broker. He said that these measures completely undermine the years of peace efforts. The Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organization said that Trump had destroyed all hopes of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Iran was one of the first countries to condemn the decision of the US. “The provocative and unwise decision by the US… will provoke Muslims and inflame a new intifada and an escalation of radical, angry and violent behavior,” the foreign ministry said on its website. Prime Minister Theresa May said the British government disagreed with Trump’s decision, saying it was “unhelpful” for peace efforts. “We disagree with the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital,” she said in a statement. “We believe it is unhelpful in terms of prospects for peace in the region.”

French President Emmanuel Macron branded Trump’s stance as “regrettable” and called for efforts to “avoid violence at all costs.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said through her spokesman that she “does not support” Trump’s reversal of decades of US policy.The European Union’s chief diplomat Federica Mogherini voiced “serious concern” at Trump’s new stance on Jerusalem.

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