Etiquettes To Show On Your First Date

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First Date

The first date is really important. It is when you lay the foundation of a relationship and gives you best to make it successful. The first date is also a point to evaluate whether your partner is the one for you or not? While the first date is all about impressing the girl and making her say yes for the guys it has a whole different perspective for the ladies. Ladies evaluate a person on his looks (obviously) but also by the etiquettes he shows by being a gentleman.

So for all those guys who are planning to ask a girl out on their first date here are some important etiquettes that you must show:

1.Always be on time

In 99 percent of the cases, it is the guy who asks the lady for a date so how you can be late yourself. The first and foremost rule of being a gentleman is being there for your lady before she expects you.

2.Keep your buzzing phone away

Being on the phone while you are out with your favorite girl is not at all acceptable. You must keep all your appointments to the next day and while on the date have your entire focus on the lady beautiful.

3.It is Ok to be AWKWARD but not ok to not acknowledge that:


Yes everybody feels awkward when out for the first time with that one person who you always wanted to be with. But not accepting that you are nervous is what makes all the things go wrong. So have fun in the awkwardness and accept is open.

4.Come up as you are

Please, guys “DO NOT BE FAKE ON YOUR FIRST DATE”, yes this is the biggest mistake you do to impress the girl and set the expectations a whole different way. It is always good to be what you are and show yourself inside out.

5.Do not be judgmental

It is good that you stick to your standards but do not forget that relationships are the other name of adjustments. So please do not judge anyone on your first date. Please note that the girl might be judging you as well.

All these things make you the perfect Mr. Right. When you ask your girl out on a date these etiquettes will help you in impressing her and also in knowing if she is the Ms. Right for you.

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