Essential Netball Kit for Beginners

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When netball first became a popular sport for women back in the 19th century, all players wore long skirts and long sleeved shirts with a straw hat topping off the outfit if the sun poked its head out. In the 20th century, gym tunics worn over a short sleeved shirt became a more practical alternative, with shorts and divided skirts adding to the choices as the decades passed.

Netball kit in the 21st century

Fast forward to today, and you will see players of all levels wearing a combination of shorts, skirts and skorts with a short-sleeved top. Competitive teams often wear specially designed all-in-one suits, lycra tunics or branded gear, but the one thing that all team kits have in common is that the position of each player is emblazoned on their tops – it could be on a bib (the most common way) or printed onto clubwear. Your new club will probably provide bibs, but it’s worth checking that this is the case before you turn up for your first practice session.


If you’re just starting to get interested in netball and want to find out more about the sport, then the BBC’s page is a great place to start, to check out the various options available to you when it comes to playing this great sport. One of the great things about netball is that you don’t need to invest lots of cash in buying the expensive kit.

When you start playing with a club, you’ll find that the team coach is there to help guide you into the netball position which suits you best. It’s worth taking the time to watch some netball training drill videos outside of the time you spend on the court so that you can improve your skills quickly. is a good place to check out, to see what’s currently available.

Kit choices

With all the jumping and running you’ll be doing on the court, you’ll need to make sure that your sports shoes give you plenty of support and protection from slipping and sliding. Sports socks with extra padding are a good choice too, to help lessen the chance of injuries. Ask the team coach whether you need to wear special kit for training sessions or if comfortable sportswear is suitable. Then simply get started and have fun.

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