ERPs Explained & Oracle’s Influence

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Top Benefits of Oracle ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is being designed to accommodate a wide range of business needs for organizations all over the globe. An ERP is essential for a number of different purposes since it serves as an automated method of connecting departmental databases together in one collaborative solution. Many small and large companies are adopting this type of automation into their business processes because of their multiple benefits. Here are some of the top benefits that your company can expect.

Enterprise resource planning

ERPs Explained & Oracle’s Influence

  • Standardization of Processes
  • Streamlines Automated Activities
  • Integration of Information from different areas

In short, an ERP helps to create a centralized across the board solution that connects the databases of essential department systems like HR, finance, distribution, procurement, and other departments. Therefore, when consultants like CSS JD Edwards consultants services any business, every department is required to participate in collecting key-related information to ensure a smooth ERP implementation.

Oracle and ERP systems Relationship

Now that you know the fundamental basics of an ERP, here is some information that you need to know about Oracle’s influence on these types of automation. For instance, if you are interested in an ERP solution for your business, you can take advantage of more than one option to achieve the goals and objectives that you are expecting. You can solicit the help of a third party software development team to customize an ERP for you. Or, you may want to utilize an Oracle ERP. An Oracle ERP can be described as a cloud-based platform that automates the back-office processes of an organization, and many of its manual daily business activities.


Oracle offers its latest ERP solutions in 3 common modules. These 3 modules are designed to support ERP financials, ERP manufacturing, and ERP Procurement. Therefore, if you do not have the funds available to support your own software development team to build a customized ERP solution for your business, you may want to consider what ORACLE ERP can provide for your business. Here are 2 of the 3 modules in Oracle ERP and a brief synopsis of each. This information is a brief overview of what your company will be getting if you use Oracle ERP cloud-based solutions.

1. Oracle ERP Financials

ERP financial module can be described as one of the essential parts of any ERP solution. Even though every organization’s financials can vary greatly from one to the next, the data from financials impact all other departments. Therefore, the Oracle’s ERP financial module is designed with this specific concept in mind and has the capability to support a wide range of areas, including revenue management, modern finance, accounting engines, and expense management.

2. Oracle ERP Manufacturing

In addition to the financials of your business, many businesses need the Oracle ERP manufacturing module. For instance, every business that keeps an inventory of their supplies and their order fulfillment processes, need ERP manufacturing. For instance, Oracle ERP manufacturing is a comprehensive solution that supports inventory management. It helps to streamline all related aspects of manufacturing including supply chain management.

Top Benefits of Oracle ERP

Here are just a few of the top benefits your company can receive from an Oracle ERP system:

  1. Eliminates Expensive Cost. Eliminates the Cost of Hiring a Team of Developers to Design and Implement time sensitive and time consuming large projects.
  2. Reduces the time of Deployment. Deployment time is reduced dramatically since the ERP module is already for configuration to your particular company.
  3. Agile System. Systems can be upgraded as the company expands.
  4. Cloud-Based Solution. Users can access databases remotely when they are away from the office.

Oracle ERP is often considered as a viable automated solution for many small business organizations, particularly because of the benefits that these modules offer to your organization.

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