Ericsson Launches 5G Plugins to Meet Ongoing 5G Demands

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Ericsson Launches 5G

Sweden-based IT Multi-National Company (MNC) Ericsson recently launched exclusive 5G plugins to meet the ongoing demand of 5G in the country. The all new 5G plugins will help to successfully address different 5G use cases such as haptic feedback-enabled drones, driverless buses, mobile HD videos and much more.

Arun Bansal, the Senior Vice President and Head of Business Unit Radio, Ericsson, recently released an official statement announcing this big step. He said, “Ericsson 5G plugins will enable the evolutionary steps that operators need to take as they develop networks to secure their 5G future.”

We have got few names of the recently launched Ericsson 5G plugins like MIMO plugin, multi-user MIMO plugin, latency reduction plugin, RAN virtualization plugin and intelligent connectivity plugin.

All of these 5G plugins can easily be driven by software as a part of innovation completely backed up by the Ericsson Radio System. These introductory plugins are exclusively focussed on potentialities which any present operator can grasp within their current networks in order to start their revolutionary evolution to 5G technology.

Ericsson has already made its name in the IT world as one of the pioneer companies which are working on 5G technology. It has already made official tie-ups with as much as 20 different global mobile telecom operators worldwide to expand 5G networks across the globe. The company is a part of many 5G use cases already which includes the famous 5G field trials in 2016.

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