Though they may seem rare and dramatic, employee resignations are an everyday occurrence that can, unfortunately, happen on a whim. Indeed, in a moment’s time, a company can be changed forever as a result of an employee’s decision to leave. There are, however, many reasons that can bring a worker to the point of quitting, from a feeling of resentment for their boss, all the way to a lack of opportunity within the confines of the company – indeed, sometimes the best opportunity for growth necessitates the abandonment of one’s current position. With this in mind, it is possible to anticipate, to a certain extent, when or why someone may leave. With this kind of foresight, it’s easier to effectively take hold of the situation. The following, then, are a few points on how to best deal with the question of resignation.

Hire An Outside Recruitment Firm

If one happens to be at a company that experiences a sudden resignation, such that there is a demand to fill a position immediately, there is always the possibility of reaching out to a recruitment firm to help find the perfect candidate on a tight timeline; for example, IQ Partners in Toronto is a recruitment and executive search firm, which is well-known for its ability to produce positive, productive results for companies in need of hires. And while this option can be avoided with the right kind of foresight and preventative measures put into action, third-party hiring firms are beneficial in a number of ways. Suffice it to say, if it is a company’s modus operandi to find the best possible candidate, your company will be filled to the brim with only the best talent on the market.

Pay Attention To Your Company’s Meritocracy

If someone is desperately seeking higher seniority in your company, but they have yet to find a position that offers this kind of upward mobility, it’s likely that they will not stay with you for very long. No doubt, stagnation can be easily overlooked or even cherished by certain workers, as it offers a sense of security and continuity, but others will not be so enthused by the lack of movement afforded by positions that evade the meritocracy.

Think About When People Are Most Likely To Resign

No matter the reason, there are specific times of year you can expect a steady employment rate. Resignation is less likely to happen during the holiday season, for instance, because people are likely hoping to work off any debts they may have incurred while gift-shopping for loved ones. Nevertheless, there are specific times in individual lives when people are bound to resign:

  • Birthdays

If the age an employee is turning is a kind of milestone, they may start to look for a change. For instance, someone on the cusp of 30 may still be young enough to start a new career, while someone veering towards mid-life will likely start to plan for retirement, depending on their position in the workplace.

  • Personal Milestones Or Life-Changing Events

Child-rearing could easily cause one to leave their place of work, if they choose to dedicate themselves full time to familial matters. Indeed, it’s not always work matters that influence a person’s decision to make a change, but rather, the fact that employees are unique human beings influenced by a great deal of factors in their personal lives.

  • Sudden Opportunities

Sometimes things just fall into place when we least expect them to, and this can bring about a quick resignation. For instance, if someone is offered a job out of the blue that supersedes the benefits of their current position, it’s unlikely they’ll turn it down.

With these elements in mind, it appears that the prospect of quitting can be quite elusive, given the many reasons that have little to do with work itself; even if it appears someone is entirely content with their role in a company, there is sometimes very little we can do to evade their decision to leave. However, having an awareness of the contingencies of life can go along way for company overseers and recruiters alike – if we keep in mind that we simply anticipate some things, we can plan for the worst.

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