Effective Tactics to Handle Potty Training Accidents with Your Toddler

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Effective Tactics to Handle Potty Training Accidents with Your Toddler: Potty training accidents are frustrating, and as a parent, the urge to scold or even punish your child is great. However, this approach and attitude will not help you much. In fact, you need to be as cool as possible and help your child get out of the wet clothes, clean him or her up and put on dry clothes.

In the night, if your toddler does the same, you have to wash your child, change clothes and put him or her back to sleep. You need to change the bed sheets too before that. In short, scolding will not help you much. It will hurt the self-esteem of the child and result in a power struggle as he or she grows up. Rationally treat the accident just as he or she spills milk on the carpet or drops cookies while eating on the mat. If you are relaxed, understanding and calm, potty training your toddler is more comfortable.

Observe your child’s progress over the next few weeks

Most toddlers have potty training accidents till six months after they have been potty trained. If you observe improvements in your child, things are progressing naturally. However, in case your child has more accidents perhaps the time to potty train your child is too soon. He or she might not be ready to train. You should start trying again in some weeks or months when he or she is more responsive.

One of the biggest tips for handling potty training accidents is to be patient and motivating. In case, your toddler is adjusting to a significant change like shifting to a new home or welcoming a new sibling; you need to wait for some time for things to settle down before you start potty training your toddler again. If other matters and concerns are interfering with your child’s potty training, you should schedule an appointment with your pediatrician and discuss the issue. The following are some simple tips for you to keep in mind when you are handling potty training accidents-


  • Do not shout or punish your toddler- be comforting
  • The process of potty training is not the same for every toddler- it varies
  • Go back to potty training basics if accidents increase often
  • Buy training pants for your child – they are readily available on baby care websites and stores
  • Improve the success of your child by offering praise at every successful step of the process
  • Give potty training a rest for some time and observe what your toddler does
  • Take expert guidance if your child is too anxious or scared

Potty training accidents will occur. You know what to expect. Your toddler is still learning and needs motivation from your end. He or she should be comfortable with using the potty and making it a daily routine. You may encourage your child by buying him or her cool underwear to make potty training an enjoyable process for both of you. In case of doubts or concerns watch videos or even speak to your pediatrician for counsel and guidance.

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