Edit PDF Pages: How to Split, Merge, Rotate, and Resize PDFs

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PDF Pages

PDFs took their deserved place in offices and private electronic document libraries around the world. During more than 25 year-long journeys, the Portable Document Format has established itself as irreplaceable for easy document sharing and archiving.

Even though viewing PDFs is easy and straightforward on any device and platform, editing them presents a bit of a problem. That’s why having a PDF editor such as Able2Extract Pro 12 can save you a lot of time and effort when dealing with that kind of digital documents.

Besides the ability to edit, add, delete, or redact PDF text, insert images and vector shapes, edit the font, align blocks of text, and rotate PDF content, Able2Extract can be used to easily edit PDF pages themselves.

Imagine having a 100-page PDF, but you want to send only a couple of pages to your business partner. Or, having 5 separate PDFs that you would like to send as one single file. Or, having a multiple-page scanned PDF with some of those pages unreadable because of the page orientation.Able2Extractcan help you deal with all of these problems seamlessly.

Here’s how:

The first thing you should know is that all of Able2Extract’s editing options can be found and used in Editing mode once the document is opened.
To access them, start the program, click on the Open icon in the Command toolbar, select the PDF you would like to work with, and click on the Edit icon.

In the bottom right corner of the interface, you’ll see a Pages section containing self-explanatory buttons for editing PDF pages.


Delete PDF Pages
To delete a single PDF page or a range of pages click on the Delete button. Select the First and the Last page you would like removed and click on Delete.
If you want the feature to apply only to a single page, insert the same page number in both the First and the Last page selection box.
Wipe Out Pages’ Content is an additional option that accompanies the Redaction feature: it wipes out whole pages rather than only some parts of your page’s content.

Extract PDF Pages
With this feature, you can extract selected PDF pages to a completely new PDF file. As in the previous example, click on the Extract button, select the First and the Last page and click on Extract.

Move PDF Pages
You can also move a single page or multiple pages inside the PDF. Click on the Move button, select a page range, tell the program where you would like your selection moved, and click on Move.

Insert Pages From Another PDF
When you click on the Insert from PDF… button, the pop-up window will appear where you can then choose the PDF from which you want the pages inserted. When you select the file, choose your page range, select where in the original document you want to insert the pages from your other PDF and click on Insert.

Insert Blank PDF Pages
By clicking on the Insert… button, you can add blank pages to your opened PDF. Just choose how many blank pages you would like to add and wherein the document you’d like to insert them. Click on Insert to complete the operation.

Rotate PDF Pages
This option allows you to rotate PDF pages 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise, as well as 180 degrees. You can rotate only one page or multiple pages at once. When you finish the set-up, click on Rotate to apply changes to your PDF page(s).

Resize or Scale PDF Pages
We’re covering these features together because it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

Resizing means that you will resize PDF page(s) but not the content or annotations it contains. It can be useful when the margins are too big or when there’s not enough content on the page for the original format.
Scaling, on the other hand, will scale PDF page(s) along with its contents. Select 200% to make the page 2 times bigger or 20% to make it 5 times smaller.

As with most of the features mentioned, first, you need to select the page range. For resizing, choose a predefined size or enter a custom height and width (you can select one of these units: inches, points, cm, mm), choose an anchor point, and click on Resize. And for scaling, just select the percentage, click on Scale, and let the software do the rest.

Able2Extract does all of the operations we presented in seconds and applies the changes to your document as soon as you confirm them. Nevertheless, you need to click on Save if you want to make your changes permanent. And, if you want to keep the original file as well, choose Save as… from the File menu. If you want to use Able2Extract’s PDF page editing features 7 days for free, download the trial for Windows, Mac, or Linux here.

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