Ed Tech Trends to Combine Biology Education And Technology

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Most of us are aware of the fact that technology based resources are nothing short of a boon with relation to the cost and time saving factors concerned. The same applies to Edtech ones provided the right tools are picked from the lot and put to use.

To tackle this challenge, we have provided certain trends that are worth following to save your precious time and effort. The below mentioned ones are easy to implement and user friendly to suit every individual needs:

Laboratory Simulations (Online)

To impart a wonderful experience to the learner by simulation, this latest trend (software) would help you to reduce costs (even nullify) by recreating the online classroom laboratory. The approach would work really well for tutors who are ready to embrace the virtual learning classrooms as part of their daily routine activities. Learners would benefit immensely from this as they could do their assignments like homework at home on the go.

Interactive 3D animation apps for biology

There are different kinds of interactive applications that have come up in the recent years favored by learners everywhere. Since there are plenty of Applications (Apps) designed for Android and Apple, the accessibility for them has risen considerably. For instance, if the aspirants search for apps that teaches about anatomy from Biology, you would be able to find apps that contain content loaded with anatomy examples in 3D format.


One of the top five trends to watch out in the coming years would be in the form of ‘Microlearning’ that would take the world of E-learning by storm. Unlike conventional learning styles where lectures would go on for hours, chunks of the whole block of content are delivered to the learners in short bursts for just five to ten minutes. Since learners of the present age have short attention spans as they have to view multiple screens or more at the same time, microlearning would certainly match their learning styles.

Educational Games

The popularity of games among youngsters is well known to all of us and this applies mostly to the school and college goers in particular. This is the exact reason why edu games are invented to grab their attention. Cross words, puzzles and other games in colorful and animated format have been well received by students worldwide. These games are nothing short of a blessing for students who are least interested in learning a subject or if they are finding it difficult to grasp a particular topic.

Adaptive Learning

The recent technological advancements have lead to the advent of adaptive learning into the arena of educational technology. This style of learning customizes the learning program to suit the individual student needs by helping them to learn concepts like the Respiratory system. This has revolutionized the education domain by replacing the conventional learning system with an interactive environment for the tutor and student.

The above trends are a real indication of how the ideal blend of education and technology would change the face of education in the years to come.

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