Dynasty Warriors 9 Announced with Open World Setting and New Characters

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Dynasty Warriors 9

Omega Force and Koei Tecmo‘s award winning hack and slash video game series Dynasty Warriors is due to get a new main entry, something that its publisher has been teasing since early this year.Dynasty Warriors 9 has recently been announced at an event in Japan by the publisher, who has also confirmed that the upcoming title willfeature an open world setting- the first time this has happened in the series that has been in existence for nearly two decades.

Alongside this announcement, the creators also added that the new game Dynasty Warriors 9 willfeature Zhou Cang from theRecords of the Three Kingdoms, the Chinese 14th-century historical text on which the games are based on in part, as a playable character. Zhou Cang will be one of the many new characters who will be introduced in the new game. The previous games in the series are known to offer numerous playable characters,both as part of the main game as well as expansion packs. The characters that we saw in the previous main instalment in the series will all make a return in the new game.

According to game producer Akihiro Suzuki, Dynasty Warriors 9 will be a reinvention of the series in many ways. The last main instalment in the series, Dynasty Warriors 8, came out in 2013 but was not one of the more successful titles to come out of the franchise. The open-world setting is certainly astep towards redeeming the series, and according to the developers, the game’s vast maps will aim to fit all of China into it, complete with a number of terrains.

No announcements have yet been made about Dynasty Warriors 9’s release date or what platforms it will be launched on, but we may not have to wait too long to find out more details. Keep watching this space for updates as they come. Meanwhile, watch the official teaser for the upcoming game below.

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