On Monday night, John Oliver and Dustin Hoffman got into a heated argument over sexual harassment allegations.

It all happened at 20th-anniversary panel and screening of the political film Wag the Dog, where Hoffman was asked about recent sexual harassment allegations, which was made against him by Anna Graham Hunter.According to her, the incident happened when she was a 17-year-old production assistant on the 1985 TV film Death of a Salesman. According to TheWashington Post‘s Steve Zeitchik, Hoffman “grew visibly uncomfortable.” Hoffman answered back to Oliver by saying, “You weren’t there,” and to which Oliver had his witty answer ready he replied, “I’m happy I wasn’t,” according to Zeitchik.

Things didn’t end here and after several minutes Hoffman returned to the same topic and accused Oliver of not being open-minded, He also accused him of believing accusers unquestionably.

Steven Zeitchik in The Washington post mentioned “All hell has now broken loose on this Wag The Dog panel. The subject seemed over after seven minutes but Hoffman brought it up again, saying Oliver is not keeping an “open mind” and is unquestionably believing accusers, and a testy five minutes followed.”

Not only they were having arguments but from Steven’s post, it seems that people over there were enjoying the argument between two and they were capturing the incident on their phones.He requested people not to record all this on phone.He said,” That’s what I hate about the Internet.”

Steve Zeitchik said that it was the first time he has seen something of this sort at screening panel.

Twitter was full of tweets after this incident. Laura Podesta also took Twitter and mentioned about the incident.Her tweet was “You’ve made this incredible assumption about me, sir.” Hoffman said to Oliver. Oliver says it’s something he had to bring it up before we watch the film #wagthedog

Dade Hayes also tweeted about the incident ‘Dustin Hoffman and John Oliver getting into it at Tribeca Film Institute benefit. “What response do you want?” – Hoffman “It doesn’t seem self-reflective in the way the situation demands.” –Oliver

It was one of the rarest sights to be seen in any of the film screenings but it seems that people got a lot of stuff to gossip.


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