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That’s right! It’s the time of year where you need to take your rarest and most exquisite pair of shoes out of the closet and flex at the convention many sneakerheads look forward to all year. Even Lebron James couldn’t resist when Sneaker Con hit Miami previously! This year, Sneaker Con is heading to Santa Clara, California on July 13 & 14, and it’s no doubt that some of the most passionate kick collectors will be touching down just for this and the chance to meet other collectors in the process.

With online exchanges like StockX and GOAT, there are more ways than ever to pick up the grails you’ve been searching for. But there’s still nothing like wheeling and dealing in person, browsing huge collections first hand, and being able to touch and feel the sneakers you’re interested in buying. You can also make trades if you bring along your own rarities.

The first step to attending this year’s Sneaker Con in Santa Clara is buying your tickets. Leave the rest to us, as we lay out the ultimate way to make sure you’re fully prepared for the trip.

Sneaker Con | Santa Clara is buying your tickets | Hilton Santa Clara


Start off by doing your homework and keep a note of opportunities of today.

Research the latest trends, rarest sneakers of the current times, and anything else you can think of. By doing this, you’ll most likely unlock even higher profits than if you went to Sneaker Con without doing any beneficial intelligence work on your end. This will also help train your eye to pick up the best deals while digging through the biggest opportunities the sneaker community holds for you.

You can do this by going to the various websites that cover trending sneakers and clothing as well as checking out the different auction sites online. Looking at Grailed or eBay to determine good price ranges will pay off big time.

Know the tell-tale signs of fake vs authentic sneakers and don’t get ripped off.

Of course, with each brand and type of shoes, there are different things that you need to look out for. VICE published a great rundown of how to spot the fakes from the legit takes. This was thanks to an interview they had with Sneaker Con about their authenticity program specifically for designer shoes demanded by sneaker collectors from all around the world. If you’re going to Sneaker Con with the intention of buying collectible shoes, you need to have this knowledge at your disposal.

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Go in with a fully loaded plan to know what lies ahead of you and ensure efficiency.

Think about what you want to accomplish during your time in the sneaker industry, and how you can use Sneaker Con to help you do that a lot easier and quicker than if you weren’t to attend. Also, think about the people you’d like to meet and add to your personal network. Once you’ve taken some time to brainstorm the ideal trip, write it down so you can refer to it later.

This streamlines your weekend at Sneaker Con as well as ensure you don’t leave any loose ends when it’s time to hop on the plane back home. The worst thing that you could do is forget the most important goal you had set for yourself, just because you didn’t have a written reminder to not forget it.

Exquisite lodging will give you a private space to work and comfortable nights of sleep.

Santa Clara is known for its glitzy hotels and accommodations, but there are certain ones that shine like a diamond in the rough. Hyatt House Santa Clara distinguishes itself as a leading property in the area. The Hyatt brand is known for its level of quality and this property boasts free breakfast, opportunity to dive in for a swim, and even the business facilities every traveler needs in this modern day and age. The close by Hilton Santa Clara is another stylish hotel that offers great amenities. It’s recently renovated and features great views of the city’s nearby attractions.

Of course, this is just a scratch on the surface, you’ll have to check out the details for yourself just to be able to see exactly what you’ll have at your disposal (which seems to be more than most hotels in Santa Clara). Don’t forget to book your room in advance for access to the best rates possible. Last minute rooms can get costly during Sneaker Con!

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