Drofie, Egyptian Drone Start-Up Raises $26,000 in Swiss Investment

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The Egyptian drone startup company, Drofie has managed to secure US$26,000 by winning a place in the Switzerland-based Kickstart Accelerator. Drofie currently operates in Latvia. The company has developed a pocket-sized camera that features auto-follow, which allows the camera mounted on the drone to follow users around a take picture which having to prompt the machine.


The start-up is still in their pre-launching phase and will soon join theSmart & Connected Machines vertical of Kickstart Accelerator in Zurich in August. They’ll receive the fund then along with an11-week programme of building, learning and networking with other drone makers. With the funding, they’ll improve theirpocket-sized ‘selfie’ drone prototype and develop the business side.

The “flying selfie stick”, which launched last year, is the brainchild of drop-out avionics engineer Mohamed Ghaith. Six years ago Ghauith moved to Latvia to study avionics but dropped out to establish himself as an entrepreneur.Ghauith has been walking theentrepreneurial path since the age of 16 when used to code software and sell it to internet cafes inAlexandria.

In a recent interview, Ghaith said,“The money will give us a longer runway until we open our seed round to raise US$100,000, to prepare our crowdfunding campaign and create market buzz. The funding adds enormous value to the company, it strengthens us in the market and is tremendous validation for our project.” He also said,“All nano drones or small drones in the market today can shoot aerial videos, but none of them can take still stable shots and images. This is due to many factors, such as stability and vibrations.”

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The commercial launch will be expected next year and meanwhile, the size of the drone is being deliberated so that users don’t need to have a license to own or use a drone.

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