Dragon Quest Builders: North America and Europe Release Date Revealed

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Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builderswill be soon rolling out in North America and Europe.Square Enix, who earlier informed that the title will be releasedin October, has now revealed more details about their upcoming role-playing action title.

Dragon Quest Builderscontinues telling the original storyDragon Quest.After the novel Heroa from the first game struck a deal with theDragonlord, in this title, players will have to build their destroyed realm. Players will be given a choice to play as a girl or boy. After which aLegendary Builder will be awakened by a Guardian Spirit, who’ll be appointed to rebuild the destroyed kingdom.

Dragon Quest Builders Release Date:

According to GameSpot, Dragon Quest Builderswill release in North America on October 11 and October 14 in Europe for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. On the game’s debut day, there’s going to be an exclusiveDragon Quest BuildersDay One edition that’ll carry a download code for gamers to download three exclusive recipes.

According to GamesnGuide, these exclusives can be used for each different building materials for the title’s free-built mode called the Terra Incognita. The recipes are:

  • Springtide Sprinkles Recipe — An item that allows you to transform trees into festive Cherry Blossoms and soil into comfortable straw floor blocks.
  • Slimy Blocks Recipe — Allows you to craft delightful blocks adorned with cute blue Slimes! (The blocks aren’t slimy, but they are super cute!)
  • Gold Blocks Recipe — Allows you to show off your opulent side with blocks made of pure gold!

As soon as users start up the Terra Incognita Mode (which will be accessible only after the first chapter of the main game is completed), they’ll have access to the above-mentioned recipes. Although users will still need to gather raw materials to craft the items.

Check out Dragon Quest Builders Gameplay:

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