Dragon Ball Super Episodes 66, 67, 68 Speculations and Spoilers: Zamasu’s defeat is imminent?

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Dragon Ball Super Episodes 66, 67, 68

Dragon Ball Super Spoilers: Dragon Ball Super last aired on November 6, and fans can’t wait to find out what’s in store for Goku and his friends next. Now certain leaks about the hit anime series’ upcoming episodes have surfaced on social media, and one of them has a pretty surprising title. But first things first, let’s take a look at Dragon Ball Super Episode 66.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Spoilers

According to new leaks, Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 will be titled “Showdown! The Unyielding Warriors’ Miraculous Power,” and will focus on the ongoing battle between Goku and Zamasu. As we have already seen in the previous episodes, Zamasu had used his Potara earrings to merge with Black Goku which leads the newly merged form to become doubly powerful. Fans are worried how Goku and Vegeta will be able to triumph against this new destructive power, but it looks like there is hope.

According to the new spoilers that have turned up on Twitter courtesy of Todd Blankenship, the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episode will be high on thrills. The synopsis provided in the accompanying picture goes like this:

“Goku and Vegeta have their backs to the wall. What strategy do the two work out to challenge Merged Zamasu?

“Merged Zamasu shows off his overwhelming power to Goku and Vegeta. What strategy do the two work out to face him?

“While Goku and company battle Merged Zamasu, Bulma goes about repairing the time machine Zamasu destroyed so that it’ll be ready in a pinch.”

Obviously, there is a lot that is teased here but going by the source’s hints, there is much more coming up in Dragon Ball Super Episode 66. Additionally, some interesting information can be gleaned from the comments of those who have reached out to Blankenship, who has translated one of the snippets posted as “The Goku Black component of Merged Zamasu may prove his weakness. Trunks will get a chance to shine in the finale too.” Does this tell us how Merged Zamasu will be defeated? Only time will tell.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 and Dragon Ball Super Episode 68: Zamasu’s Arc Coming to an End?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 and 68: Moving on from Episode 66 of Dragon Ball Super, Blankenship also reveals that one of the upcoming episodes will have the provisional title, “Farewell, Trunks,” which sounds a little worrying to us. But the phrase evokes some rumoured elements that have come to the fore in a report by iTech Post. According to the post, latest spoilers suggest that Zeno will become anguished by Future Trunk’s creation of four alternate timelines and will make an endeavour to destroy some of them. However, speculation is rife that Goku will try to persuade him not to do that, and instead help them recover the damages wrought by Zamasu and Black Goku.

The above spoilers cater specifically to Dragon Ball Super Episode 68, which will follow the interim episode, titled “A Visit from the Omni – King! Bye – Bye Zamasu!”. Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 will reportedly bring about the end of Merged Zamasu’s story, from which point a new arc will emerge with Zeno at its centre.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 will be aired on November 13. Stay tuned for more updates.

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