Dragon Ball Super Episodes 59, 60: Spoilers, Speculations, Air Date

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Dragon Ball Super Episodes 59, 60

Dragon Ball Super Episodes 59, 60: After Episode 58 of Dragon Ball Super aired on September 11, speculations have been rife about the show’s upcoming episodes. Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 will air on September 25 and after the trailer was revealed by the producers, fans got a few glimpses of all the mayhem that can happen in the coming parts of the show.

First off, episode 58 gave way to a theory that Goku Black (a mysterious warrior who has an uncanny resemblance to Goku) is Zamasu’s creation in order to help him defeat Son Goku. In Episode 59, titled “Protect the Kaioshin Gowasu / Destroy Zamasu!”, Zamasu’s growing obsession with the destruction of humanity will take him to some new lows if we are to go by the new trailer. It looks like Zamasu has got plans to eliminate Gowasu, his master, in order to secure his plans.

In the trailer, Zamasu is seen serving Gowasu with some food and tea, and almost immediately after Gowasu proceeds to sip on his tea, the cup and its contents drop from his hands. So as we have it, Zamasu is planning to poison Gowasu, which makes sense as Gowasu is his master and is well-acquainted with the former’s strengths ad weaknesses.

Meanwhile, Son Goku and company are able to figure out what lies ahead in Gowasu’s fate by the pair of Potara that the future Zamasu wears, and they immediately set out for Universe 10 to try and put a stop to it. In the earlier episode, Goku was seen trying desperately to warn Gowasu of Zamasu’s acts in the future, but he was cut off by Beerus.

Moving on to Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 titled “To The Future Once Again / Goku Black’s Identity Revealed,” (which will air on October 2) Zamasu’s heinous act will be discovered, upon which Beerus, the God of Destruction, will destroy the present Zamasu which he hopes will ensure the safety of the future. However, the plot synopsis provided by Yibada reads that the future Trunks will still feel uneasy over the issues and thus travel back to the future to ensure everything is alright. What he will find is a matter of intrigue among fans. Perhaps he will see that despite present day Zamasu being killed, future Zamasu still remains safe in an alternate timeline?

Episode 61, on the other hand, will bring everyone else to light about Zamasu’s “Human Elimination Plan.”

Not to forget about Goku Black, rumours surrounding the show suggest that the villain is looming closer and closer every day, threatening to wreak havoc on Goku and company. But the latter may have already found a way to stop the nemesis in his tracks.

Following these hints, there is a lot of excitement over the highly-praised series’ proceedings. But we still have to wait and see how these speculated events unfold.

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