Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 and 71 Spoilers: New Story Arc To Be Revealed Soon

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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super:Dragon Ball Super’s plot is in the thick of things at the moment and fans are eagerly waiting to find out what happens in the upcoming episodes. With Episode 69 coming up on December 4, we wonder how the present arc will give way to the new one. But fans are aware that all might not turn out to be well for Goku. The upcoming episode will showcase him becoming entangled in a brawl during the World Inventions Awards. Episode 69 will also feature a crossover between the worlds of Dragon Ball Super and Akira Toriyama’s Dr. Slump with the introduction of Arale, a small stocky character with an unlikely amount of strength. But fans continue to wonder how the new arc will be introduced inthe show.So, as we inch towards the end of the previous arc titled ‘Zamasu and Future Trunks‘, let’s delve into Dragon Ball Super Episodes 70 and 71 with the beginning of a new arc.

Dragon Ball Super Episodes 70 and 71

The new arc will consist of several episodes thus starting with episode 70 and 71 of Dragon Ball Super, where the main concentration will put upon Gohan and not Goku. The 70th episode will be titled as “Champa’s Challenge! This Time We Face Off in Baseball!” in which Vados and Frost’s actual intentions will be determined. Moreover, the 71st episode entitled as “Death To Goku! A Hit Job That Can’t Be Refused!” which will confirm that Goku’s reign will come to an end thus focusing towards Gohan. Also, Hitman Hit is also expected to make an entry and his actions will determine the course of the new arc in Dragon Ball Super, according to sources.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 and 71 will mainly include details of returning of the powerful Gohan as he did not take part in last battle. Furthermore, Goku’s assassination will also play a major part in the upcoming episodes. However, the previous episodes of the hit series could not attract much viewership as the audience hasseemingly lost interest over Goku’s incessant waiting for Gohan to make an appearance again.

Thus, with Goku’s Son Gohan re-appearing in Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 and 71, viewership of anime and readership of the manga may double up with lots of enthusiasm.

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