Dragon Ball Super Episode 64: Zamasu and Black To Merge To Defeat Saiyans

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 64

The much speculated ongoing Japanese anime television series Dragon Ball Super has been gathering lots of appreciation from the audiences along with superb viewership of the past few episodes. Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 is an adaptation of renowned manga series named as Dragon Ball which is also a sequel to the ongoing anime. The latest episode of the anime featured an intense battle between the principal characters where they reveal their extraordinary powers thus leaving the opponents in deep trouble and surprise. The battle also witnessed two grey characters making a fusion so as to defeat one of the great prime members from the other team. The characters are struggling hard to get on and over another, details regarding Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 will be discussed below in the article.

The Japanese anime Dragon Ball Super episode 64 is most likely to be severely intense as Zamasu and Black will merge with each other so as to defeat Vegeta and Goku. As Trunks get badly injured in Episode 63 of Dragon Ball Super, they send Vegeta and Goku back in the past to recover. As he bare-handedly fights with his one but gets injured, the enemy team picks it up as a golden chance to defeat Vegeta and Goku. Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 titled as “Praise and Adore Him! The Explosive Birth of Merged Zamasu!” may have a brutal fight in which the clash of good and evil will evoke a chain of devastating superpowers. The merge will give Zamasu and Black ultimate power where the counter attack will bring menace, thus making the very low chance of Vegeta and Goku winning the battle.

The ongoing anime received a score of 8.4 out of 10 from IMDb based on 5,989 votes of which 45 reviews came from the users and 2 from the critic. Although the series witnessed a depreciation of 50% from its previous episodes, the viewership got maintained after the featuring of the tough battle between the good and evil. Kanzenshuu gave a rating of 6.2% keeping the anime in 6th place among all the other series. The viewership closed at 3.41 million with its increasing popularity in the joint Asian neighbouring countries as well. Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 is most likely to fall in the same category or even more, as the battle becomes intense.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 will air on October 30 i.e. Sunday at 9:00 a.m. on Fuji TV.

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