DPDA: The rates should change automatically and there should not be any manual intervention

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The President of the Delhi Petroleum Dealers Association, Nishchal Singhaniya, stated that he welcomed the move but there should be no manual intervention in the changing of rates which should happen automatically. The revision of prices of petrol and diesel is set to happen daily across the country from June 16.

Singhaniya told ANI that even though the automation has been placed in all 400 fuel pumps of Delhi, the system is not as robust as it should be and the price does not change automatically on all machines. He said that they receive a text message from the oil company at midnight and have to check the prices manually which causes delays and the customers have to wait every day for about an hour for the prices to change. The change in the revision used to happen every fortnight but not it is set to happen daily, a change welcomed by the DPDA. The only thing they frown upon is the prices not changing automatically.

Singhaniya said, “Although it is an international norm and if you go to see in other foreign countries the rates are changed every day. In India, there is a control regime, although it is an open market, the rates are controlled by the oil companies and we see no point that this should be done on a daily basis as it can be continued on a fortnight basis. We only request the oil companies to take care of the capital erosion, which needs to be taken under control. We also want that customers should be in any inconvenience because of all this.”

The oil marketing companies deduced to change the revision of prices from every fortnight to every day nationally from June 16. This could create a lot of logistical problems and delays around midnight when the prices are changed, a concern expressed deeply by Singhaniya.

Three state-run oil companies, namely, Indian Oil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, and Bharat Petroleum Corporation ran a pilot project in five major cities of the nation where prices changed daily and the project was successful. Private marketing companies, such as Reliance Industries and Essar, are expected to follow suit soon.

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