Dove Launched Women-shaped Body Wash Bottles And Garnered Nothing But Hatred

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Dove Launched Women-shaped Body

Dove has always been a promoter of Body Positivity. The brand has always participated in campaigns that promote body positive images, sponsored shows related to body positivity and recently it introduced a body wash range that was purely dedicated to body positivity.

To show how dedicated Dove, the brand launched body washes in bottles that resemble woman body. Not only this, but the bottles have seven different sizes. Yes, to support body positivity, Dove came up with seven different body images.

Sadly, the “limited edition” did not garner the very response it was expected to. The brand advertises the body was a range with phrase “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes” along with the images if bottles that are different in shape and size. Some tall & short while others thin and curved.

It looks like the brand forgot that definition of beauty remains the same no matter what shapes and sizes the women are. There should be only one language to speak beauty with every woman.

When it comes to beauty, the only rule that works is, one size fits all. The brand stands responsible for making women feel beautiful and confident while they buy a body shop to accentuate their beauty, unlike what it makes them feel now, conscious and traumatized.

The ‘limited edition body wash’ did not get a great response on Twitter as well. Many Twiterratis expressed their anger for the partial approach of Dove.

One angry woman wrote:

I’d buy the Dove faux-body-posi crap more if they produced any products for dealing with chub rub or making body hair shiny and soft.

Another wrote:

.@dove I have arms please advise

Here are more responses the body wash edition garnered on Twitter:

Finally, consumers without arms, legs, or heads can buy a soap that truly represents them

@FastCompany @Dove So if CVS is out of “skinny bitch” bottles am I not going to be able to get clean? Not sure how this works.

@FastCompany @Dove These are only realistic body types for The Muses from Hercules…

@FastCompany @Dove I will destroy you all.

thanks Dove but I already have a body wash that matches my natural curves 🙂

.@Dove matches its new body wash bottles to your body type

A long and regretful path to cross Dove, you better learn from your failure to woo your customers. Especially this one.

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