Don’t Wait For A Hug From A Texas Sheriff In The Near Future

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Professionalism is ruling the world and so has Texas Sheriff decided to betotalprofessional and make things look more disciplined. In a Facebook post on Wednesday Texas Sheriff wrote: “ If you aren’t a family member or close friend, Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin will greet you with a handshake or knuckle bump”. This post is something unusual but yes it captured attention as he has made up his mind to follow a code of conduct. He wrote that his hugging days are now finished and so he announced that his greeting style now will be totally different. This all was clearly mentioned on his social media account.

Kaelin, a Republican who was designated sheriff in 2006, wrote about how the workplace can become unreceptive if an employee feels threatened by a hug. Actually, this can make people become uncomfortable. His statement was “Sad, but you just don’t know when this hug might come back and bite you,” the postreads. “It might offend you that I will no longer participate in hugging you, but I have decided to discontinue receiving/giving hugs from anyone outside of my family and close friends. I hope you understand.”

The sheriff made the post the very same day NBC’s Todayshow announced that it had fired host Matt Lauer for “inappropriate sexual behaviour in the workplace.”

Kaelin’s post was flooded with a number of different responses, from those who agreed with him, to those who disagreed, to those poking fun at the matter.

He responded to some of the comments, saying that he felt his decision is for the better and he will follow it disregarding of what people have to say.

In the end, he wrote in his post that “Change is taking place and I believe a public official should keep it professional,”.

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