Don’t Breathe to Remake in Tamil with Vikram in the Lead

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Don’t Breathe” the housebound thriller that released a month ago became one of the most nail biting thrillers of 2016 with its breath taking suspense. The movie got awesome response from the audience to make it one of the most successful movies of this year. Made with a budget of $10 million, the movie went on to collect around $130 million across the globe.

Now there is a interesting news that as Don’t Breathe did a good business and got positive response from the Indian audiences a famous Tamil producer is planning to remake the film with South Indian Superstar the lead of the spectacular movie I, Vikram Kumar as the protagonist, The Blind Man, in the film.

Stephen Lang who played the blind man in the original was the biggest terrifying element and the highlight of Don’t breathe that was directed by Fede Alvarez.

The makers of the film are trying to officially purchase the remake rights of the Hollywood film. But nothing positive has been come out yet. According to a reliable source nothing has been finalized yet, everything is under process. Even the involvement of of Vikram with this project is not confirmed  and we still don’t know whether he will be acting in the film or not. But we hope he does as we are sure he will make it a great thriller. In his past he has done some such complex characters like in the movies Aparichit and I.

It will be great to see such an internationally renowned movie to be made in India! But it is true that we have to wait till everything finalises!

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