Doe Deere Rings in the New Year with Rings That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

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Doe Deere Rings

Bringing a New Style Perspective to Jewelry

For Doe Deere, life has truly been an adventure. After launching a highly successful cosmetic line called Lime Crime, she conceptualized a new type of jewelry brand—one that appeals to her specific aesthetic. Because Deere is such a vibrant visionary, rumors are already circulating that her new brand, Poppy Angeloff, is full of pieces that will become collectors’ items very shortly. As gift items go, it would be practically impossible to find something else so visually appealing—and so original.

Doe Deere: A Passion for Every Type of Fashion

Born in Eastern Europe, Deere has always possessed an exciting aesthetic—and a need to express herself through artistic means. With Lime Crime, she created a vegan line that instantly became a cult classic, appealing to women everywhere. With bright, bold pigments and hair products that became viral hits, Deere burst upon the scene in a way that few others have.

Eventually, the brand became so popular that it was bought out by Tengram, a group that plans on taking advantage of Lime Crime’s cult status and rolling it out to a wider audience. After selling her company, Deere decided that it was time to let other areas of her creativity shine. Therefore, it seems only natural that Poppy Angeloff was born.

Poppy Angeloff is one of the most thrilling jewelry brands to emerge in the past decade. It’s a family affair, featuring both Deere and her sister. Although the line is relatively new, it has already drawn acclaim for the way it uses a blend of Victorian and modern design elements. The enamel pansy flower ring, for instance, is hand-painted with tiny brushes and then glazed.

Because so much attention goes into each piece, it’s easy to experience Doe Deere’s commitment to uniqueness and beauty—every time you look at one of her rings. As a young woman, she has a hard time finding the type of jewelry that suits her aesthetic and her petite frame—so she went out and decided to make it herself.

All Rings Come in a Signature Velvet Box

One of the reasons that Poppy Angeloff rings make such a great gift is that they come in such a magnificent box. Made of vegan velvet, this box provides the perfect place for that special someone to store their Poppy Angeloff creation. With a design based upon vintage hatboxes, these boxes are works of art on their own.

Always a Commitment to Sustainability and Ethics

With Poppy Angeloff, customers never need to worry about where the precious gems from their rings are being sourced. This is because Poppy Angeloff uses gemstones that were created in the lab, as opposed to a mine with bad working conditions. However, it’s crucial to note that all of these rubies, emeralds and other stones are real. If you have an expert gemologist take a look, chances are that they wouldn’t ever be able to tell the difference. With her eye on the prize, Doe Deere is always moving the industry forward.

A Line of Victorian Sweetheart Rings

It’s difficult to conjure up a line of rings more fashionable and romantic than the Victorian Sweetheart baubles now featured by Poppy Angeloff. Although the line has only recently started to put its creations out into the world, they’ve already made a stunning impression. For those who’d like to expand their jewelry collections and hang onto something that will stand the test of time, it’s all about the magic and splendor of Poppy Angeloff.

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