Documents needed when applying for a home loan

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Documents needed when applying for a home loan:

You must submit the following documents: Proof of identity: PAN, driving license, Voter ID card, proof of Aadhaar card income: Salaried applicant: The latest 3 months, salary slip for showing all deductions and Form 16 for the last three years. Self-employed applicants: IT returns for last 2 years and calculation of income from last 2 years, as certified by a CA Bank Statement: Last 6 months Guarantee Form (optional), a loan application (optional).

  • What documents will be required at the time of occupation?

Original copies of the title agreement and building plan approval series Original registration and stamp duty receipts Captive Letter capture the original share certificate (in case of society) maintenance charges, electricity bill, phone, water and property taxes such as all the liabilities of payment of liabilities NOC is not confirming any objection for the transfer from the Society or other related body till date of

  • How can I verify that the documents shown by the seller to me are real?

The approval of the projects can be verified by the Corporation or the Office of the sanctioning authority. Ownership documents can be confirmed from the office of the Sub Registrar where they are registered, the share certificate related to the Society can be verified only by the concerned society.

  • What documents do I need to buy resale property?

Clear and marketable titles, sales jobs, risk certificates, latest tax receipts, occupational certifications, building plan acceptance and occupation certificates

  • Which documents are required for registration of new apartments/plots?

Build Deed, No Objection Certificate from Builder (NOC), NOC from Banks, Building Plan Approval, Closing Certificate, PAN Card and Photo.

Plot allocation papers, building plan approval, the transfer deed (in case of multiple owners), sales deal, PAN card and photographs.

  • What is the required FIR during the making of claims?

Yes. FIR in those cases the insurance claim is essentially where malicious damage, riot, terrorism, theft, burglary and theft. In case of fire, you must also submit the assessment report compiled by the fire department.

Property value built up area of determining the property is done by multiplying the cost of construction per square foot. This is the general method followed by most banks.

  • Generally, what is the term of a home insurance?

It varies from bank to bank. Generally, most policies cover a period of five years.

  • What is included in the private property?

Under personal property, domestic insurance companies generally cover furniture, electronic/electrical equipment and jewelry under personal property. However, the maximum liability of these items depends on the type of insurance cover or the type of valuation made by the bank.

  • What is home insurance?

Home insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers private housing and protects them from unexpected damage, natural or man-made disasters, theft.

  • Do I need a guarantor to get a home loan?

It depends from one bank to another some banks ask for 1-2 guarantors.

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