Do You Have Cruel to Animal Leather Couch

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Cruel to Animal Leather Couch: What is the effort you have done so far for that? Have you stopped eating meat? Have you stopped using animal fur coats? You might have done any of the acts to be merciful to the animals. But do you think you are still not cruel to the animals? What if I say that the furniture at your home is cruel to the animal and you never paid any attention to that?

Cruelty-Free Furniture Campaign

There’s the latest movement emerging on social media these days which is about cruelty-free furniture. Many big names like IKEA is taking part in this campaign and they are considering about alternative materials so that they can be least cruel to the animals.

So, now think again, aren’t you cruel to the animal? You might be reading this article while lying on your favorite leather couch. You might be taking rest on the pillow or cushion stuffed with animal fur or feathers. So consider again and take part in the cruelty-free furniture campaign.

Leather – A Major Cause

The leather is something for which the biggest chunk of animals is killed. The leather is obtained almost from most of the animals like cow, buffalos, goats, dogs, donkey, horse, hare, and many more. You can say leather is one of the major cause of cruelty to the animals. Killing for meat can be justified but killing for leather is little hard to justify.

Will you feel lessor comfort if you will be lying on a couch with fabric layer rather than a leather couch? Of course not because leather is not a necessity but a luxury. You shouldn’t be cruel to the animal just for your luxury.

And do you know the feather-stuffed in your pillow were plucked from the skin of living geese? How painful that would be for the poor geese. You might be in love with the silk curtains and lampshades in your living room but do you know how that silk was obtained? Silkworms were boiled alive to obtain silk from them.

It Might Be Difficult

It might not be an easy task to furnish your home without using anything which wasn’t made from stuff which was obtained by doing some cruel act to the animals. But now after this awareness campaign, many of the big brands already started using the better alternatives, and now it can be possible for you to furnish and decorate your home without being cruel to the animals.

There are many other good things and benefits attached to this cruelty-free step. First thing is no doubt the peace of mind that you haven’t killed or teased any living object for your comfort and luxury. The second thing is that other vegan alternatives are more eco-friendly than the animal products.

Another good point is that these vegan alternatives are beneficial to health. Take the example of leather for instance. You might have the idea of leather processing. A good number of toxic chemicals are used to process the leather, and this chemical can be dangerous. In short, it might be hard to take this step, but it will be good and beneficial for us.

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