Do My Essay Writing: 7 Instructions Are Important to Follow on Paper

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Essay Writing

A custom writing service is one of the best things ever happened to students. With custom paper writing, students will no longer have to subject themselves to the overwhelming academic tasks. They place an order on a custom writing service website, pay money for a writing service, as a result, get a great essay. Sounds unreal? It is real enough to do it now if you don’t know.

This article is to plunge you into the writing process that is in control of professionals you can hire for your own essay writing. They take the following steps toward the client’s satisfaction. Learn to be a step ahead.

Write My Essay like a Pro: How Is It Possible?

Frightened to perform such a complex task as essay or research paper writing? It happens only because of your unawareness of the essential steps in the academic writing process. We are going to divide it into 7 steps that you can follow to create an essay like a real professional:

1. Read an Assignment Thoroughly and Analytically

Before a writer starts to prepare an essay for you, he or she reads an assignment carefully to grasp the task. Writing an essay without determining its requirements is similar to diving into water without testing the ground – you might hit rock bottom sooner than you think. Identify the keywords underlining them. For example, you can specify the aim of writing be finding the words in an assignment ‘explain’, ‘discuss’ or ‘compare’. Starting out from this point, you improve your chances to meet the paper requirements as many experienced writers do.

2. Choose a Topic Relevant to Your Assignment

If your tutor assigns you an essay on a particular topic, feel free to omit this step. However, if you aren’t provided with a topic, it is your task to choose a suitable essay topic that would be the most feasible and research-worthy. Besides, you should choose a topic that could be simple and interesting for you to write. At this point, write down the list of topics and weigh them up based on the criteria for selecting a good topic.

3. Make an Outline of Your Ideas for Paper Writing

Having thoughts in your mind is OK. But having all your thoughts well-organized is a precursor to having essay writing done successfully. The ideas that you are going to put down on paper should be organized, interrelated together and mentioned beforehand in a brief outline. Write the topic of your essay at the top or in the middle of the page.

Then, point out the parts of your essay – an introduction, body, and conclusion. Firstly, formulate a thesis statement for an introduction. Secondly, list the arguments with the strong evidence or supporting details for the main part. Thirdly, you should think of the possible conclusions you can arrive logically at as an author of an essay.

4. Develop a Thesis Statement Properly

The thesis statement is the backbone of an essay. In other words, it points out the essence of an essay. It usually has two parts. One highlights an essay topic while another explains the main point of the essay. Avoid making the thesis statement too simplistic like, “I am going to write about. My point of view is ” You should be as clear and specific as possible but to another extent. Help your readers be guided through the whole writing in two sentences making them focused, interested and eager to finish reading your essay to the end.

5. Start with the Main Part of Your Essay

The body of an essay is the main part from which the other parts should appear logically. It consists mainly of the ideas that should be reflected in the introduction and conclusion to some extent. However, in the introduction, you’ll introduce the main points without revealing the details, in the conclusion you’ll conclude them briefly. Each idea of the body is to be discussed in a separate paragraph with all essential evidence, and each paragraph should correspond to the topic sentence.

Essay Writing

6. Proceed with Writing an Introduction

After you know what is covered in the main part of your essay, the next step to take is to write an introduction. What is an ideal formula for writing a good introduction? As it highlights the essence of an essay to the reader, take into consideration five components: a hook, an essay question, antecedents, a value, and a roadmap.

However, there is a set of steps while mixing all these intro components. Start with what your readers are already familiar with, for example, a generally-known fact. Then, direct your attention to the readers themselves with the help of the words ‘you’, ‘your’, etc. It captures their attention and piques their interest, “Oh, an author speaks about me”. After that, you need to make the readers think of the main essay question(s), the answer to which they are supposed to find in your essay. So, present a well-arranged roadmap for your readers in the introduction.

7. Finish with a Logical Conclusion of Your Essay Writing

This is the last part of an essay. So, you shouldn’t wonder why you finish working on your assignment exactly with this part. Eventually, all the main ideas discussed previously in an essay are summarized. You should sum up them making some thought-provoking comments, for example, using the direct questions or something like this.

After you apply these tips to your essay writing, be sure that it is thoroughly proofread. Then, don’t forget to edit the written essay according to the formatting style. When you are done writing your essay, you can see it for yourself that real professionals work hard to satisfy your ‘do my essay for me’ request. You have no reason to worry anymore. You can get a professional writer online to help you with writing an essay or term paper at not so cheap as wished it to be but at quite affordable rates.

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