DJI M200 Drone Capable of Flying in Harsh Weather Conditions

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DJI, the market leader in the drone industry, has launched a new drone – M200 – which is the company’s first-ever enterprise drone. At the Mobile World Congress, the Drone Industrial Complex announced the new drone is capable of flying for up to 35 minutes and beingIP43 certified, it can withstand harsh weather conditions like snow and rain.

DJI M200 can fly in rain or snow but perhaps not in a thunderstorm.

The piece of the machine will carrythree cameras at once and is meant to be carried around for search and rescue mission, inspection of a cell tower, structural faults and heat leaks in buildings and power plants among other such things. There’s a front-facing camera that streams constant videos to pilot and a gimbal at the bottom for the user to attach his/her choice of thermal imaging camera and a powerful zoom lens at the same time.One can mount all three camerasand have a go with thequadcopter in any weather condition. While the thermal camera can be used to find areas of fault, the zoom lens will enable access to places that are too dangerousfor a manual close look. Two batteries can be hot swappedif in case one depleted unit needs to be quickly replaced.

The M200comes with a wealth of sensor offers more features than the M100 and is a bit smaller than the M600 hexacopter. There are sensors in the front, top, and rear for scanning of obstructions and prevention of possible accidents. It’ll able to detect when any passenger plane enters the drone’s airspace thanks to its built-in ADS-B receiver, which is a system used by all manned aircraft.

Drones are not consumer gadget and are largely used by hobbyists and military. With the M200, DJI seeks to tap into newer spaces.There is no word on the price of DJI Matrice 200, but the company said the drone should be available for purchase from the second quarter of 2017.

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