Diwali 2016: 10 Best Ways To Protect Your Pet Dogs, Cats & Keep Them Safe

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Diwali 2016

Diwali or Deepavali is considered to be one of the most auspicious occasions in India where every door and window is lightened with ‘diyas.’ Rangoli is made at the entrance of your house with lots of firecrackers dominating the festival. This year too Diwali 2016 will be celebrated in every corner of the nation thus making entire nation enlightened. Children and teenagers, especially enjoy their heart out but when it comes to pets which include dogs, cats, rabbits, birds,  guinea pigs, and so on are frightened, anxious, confused and moreover under panic attack. Pets usually are tender animals with higher hearing powers which lead to more anxiousness than a normal being. So, this Diwali 2016, we bring you 10 ways to keep your pet dogs and cats safe in 10 ways.


How To Keep Pet Dogs, Cats Safe in 10 Ways in Diwali 2016

Diwali may be a fun and thrilling festival for humans but not for animals. They go numb for few seconds when a firecracker is burst thus leading to panic attack which can be dangerous. In fact for some street animals especially dogs it becomes fatal leading to even death sometimes. Injuries are quite common to hear on this day, so it’s the perfect day as well as a reason to keep your pet dogs and cats safe in 10 different ways on Diwali 2016.

  1. Keep your pet inside the house or room, if possible, and lock with someone throughout to take care of. It will help the pets to cope up with the situation thus reminding him/her continuously that it’s not alone.
  2. Make sure to hydrate him all the time as anxiety make the pets dehydrated, and noises lead to a lot of panics. So, water or any kind of liquid helps them to engage along with hydrated.
  3. Put cotton balls in ears or wrap a thin cotton cloth around the head and ears or cover them with a blanket with the air condition on.
  4. Tie a not-so-loose thread around his neck with his/her name and your contact details on it. If, in any case, he runs out of the house under a panic attack or you lose control over him. This particular thing might help him rescue and bring abode within minutes hence maintaining Diwali 2016 happy and prosperous.
  5. Try out new things with your pet. You can introduce new games, or play his favourite music/song if any, a bit loud so that outside bursting doesn’t hamper him in any which ways.
  6. You can also opt for beforehand preparation so as to keep your pet dogs, cats safe on Diwali 2016. You can choose for vaccination or anti-anxiety shot a day before the festive day. Homeopathy medicines are also available in several stores which can be given with time as the panic or anxiety increases or depreciates.
  7. On the morning of Diwali take your pet dog, cat on a walk so that it become a little bit of acquaint with the noise around him. Keep away from crackers and make sure he/she doesn’t panic even to the slightest of noise. If such happen, contact your vet immediately.
  8. Don’t shout at your pet at least for these 2 or 3 days whatever the reason may be as they are already under suffering and the worst part is they can not speak to us. So, become a superhero for your pet on Diwali 2016 and play with it all way around so that mind is diverted from the noise.
  9. Keep your own box of crackers or fireworks far away from your pet so that it’s unreachable in every possible way. Even a pinch of the explosive compound could be fatal for your pet. Hide it so that it’s not explored, at least by your pet.
  10. Keep the helpline number of the Vet handy as every second count if your pet gets injured. You can also keep animal rescue unit numbers and of course Police if it becomes way too serious thus situation becoming unbearable.

Well, have a happy, safe and prosperous Diwali 2016 along with keeping your pets safe and protected. Don’t burst firecrackers that are too loud as it isn’t safe for animals as well as people around.

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